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James Ridgway Concord, California, United States
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Superb divemasters - incredible experiences with hammerheads and a whaleshark. Alcyone and Dirty Rock produced the most amazing experiences.

Anastassia Russia
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Diving was wery comfortable for me. I got a lot of experience of diving and got a lot of fun. My favorit divesites are Alcyone and Darty rock. I was so comfortable and interesting to watch sharks. Thanks Carlos for the cognitiv lecture about shark's live, it was very interesting for me, i learned a lot of information about sharks. Thank you to the team for amazing vacation!

Sarah Little Concord, USA
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Favorite dive sites Dirty Rock and Alcyone. Blown away by the schooling hammerheads and the Deep See experience was phenomenal!

Carlos and the crew were absolutely fantastic, couldn't have asked for better service! They made sure that everyone was having the best possible time and were a pleasure to be around. Food was very good, always amazed at the quality that can be delivered from such a small kitchen, kudos to the chefs.

Corinne Kevorkian Paris, France
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
Favorite dive sites : Alcyone, Dos Amigos pequeño, Dirty Rick Most incredinle marine life : schooling hammerheads, galapagos sharks and hammerheads frenzy at dos amigos pequeño, whaleshark, three tiger sharks on the first day of diving. Very nice atmosphere within the staff, very good service, kind, fun and welcoming staff

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Phenomonal experience that exceeded all expectations. The Argo crew ran a safe and efficient operation, with all the desired flexability. The crew were strongly focused on client service and delivering an amazing experience. The diving was spectacular. Dirty rock, alcyone, and small dois amigos were the highlights. 1000's hammerheads, galapagos sharks, tigers, and a majestic whale shark. Stunning experience, great crew, great divers. Highly recomended.

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