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Michel Luxembourg
© copyright by Brayan Gonzalez
Excellente experience a bord et sous l eau. Notre guide Fernando connaissait parfaitement les sites et nous a mene avec brio voir toutes sortes de requins. Les plongees se font en toute securite et dans une excellente ambiance. Enfin, notons que le bateau est extremement bien entretenu et presente toutes les garanties de securite. Ce fut tres rassurant sur le voyage aller qui s est deroule dans une mer demontee. Nous avons vraiment apprecie ces plongees mythiques. A profusion et debqualite. Servi avec gentillesse et courtoisie.

Jean Michel Nice, France
© copyright by Brayan Gonzalez
Tous les sites sont riches et possedent leurs particularites. Alcyone Dirty Rock bien sur, mais Manuelita Channel ou Coral Garden sont uniques? Tigre, Marteaux, Heterocongres.. Tout est superbe. Le meilleur bateau de plongee! Tout est calcule, confortable. Serviettes propres et seches a chaque plongee, laverie etc. le top

Phoebe London, UK
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Favourite dive sites were Dirty Rock, Alcyone and Big Dos Amigos. Hard to put it all into words as it isn't only the fact of seeing so much incredible marine life but the opportunity to enter their world and to spend time in their presence - no matter how fleeting that moment is. We had the opportunity to see hammerhead sharks on nearly every dive, plenty of galapagos sharks, tigers, mantas, rays - the list is endless - and it was so lovely to see dive sites full of life, big and small. The dive masters are excellent (Diego and Brayan looked after our group) - they know their sites well, always ensure everyone is well-briefed and prioritised safety. They have an excellent knowledge of the sites and always gave good advice for site selection. Our skiff captain was Olman - super helpful on the boat, really good humoured, and great at spotting sea life from the surface.

The staff are nothing short of fantastic and they are doing a truly remarkable job in tough conditions. Brayan made sure every individual was really well looked after and their needs catered for. Info and comms on the boat was great - just the right amount. All the staff are exceptionally well-mannered, professional and really look like they enjoy their jobs and work. They all do their work to a very high standard and nothing was ever too much bother. They always prioritised safety which was very reassuring to see. The food was really excellent - as a vegetarian, I had plenty of options - and there was always a lot of it! The snacks on board were a nice touch and highly appreciated.

Arwa Damon Istanbul, Turkey
© copyright by Brayan Gonzalez
Some experiences cannot be put into words. This was one of them. I only wish that more people could experience eye contact with a tiger shark, the grace of the hammerheads and the sheer explosion of breathtaking moments these waters have to offer. Maybe then would more of us understand the importance of protecting our waters. Very welcoming, excellent hospitality, left wanting for nothing.

Brice Lainé Istanbul - Turkey
© copyright by Brayan Gonzalez
Incredible week of diving! My favourite spots were Dirty Rock, Alcyone & Punta Maria. The marina life and topography of these sites are gorgeous. We saw big schools of scalloped hammerheads, lots of big galapagos sharks, some huge tiger sharks & giant manta rays! I also loved the oceanic black tips, the countless small reef white tips, the huge tunas, the massive schools of big eye jacks, trivalies, mullet snappers & yellow snappers.

In one word: spectacular! The Argo is really well designed and appointed for divers: camera rinse tanks, plenty of power sockets and storage space. The wet deck and skiffs are spacious and practical. The cabins are pretty big with lots of storage, bed is confortable, the AC works well and the bathroom is good. The sun deck is great, the living area is nice and comfortable. The food was really good and tasty everyday, varied and well balanced. Love the eggs options in the morning! The free beers and soft drinks is a nice touch. But the best part of Argo is the staff! Everyone is warm, welcoming and helpful, but i want to special mentions of Brayan who was the most amazing Expedition Director and Dive Master. Always smiling, helpful, fun to be around, and very professional and efficient in organising the whole trip and dives. Diego was also amazing: such a nice guy, a great Dive Master and guide who - as Brayan did - was very good at finding the best spots, the marine life and the school of hammerheads in the blue! Diego was also super nice and helpful, very professional and a plaisure to spend that week with! Olman was a really great skiff pilot, also very nice and always helping with gear and big cameras. Chako is the man! So nice and warm and good at his job. He made all our meal times a better time by being so helpful and efficient. Finally, Federico & Yuval were super nice and very professional and knowledgeable submersible pilots. All in all, the crew of the Argo is top notch, as well as the organisation of the expedition and the ship itslef.

Michel L. Nice, France
© copyright by Brayan Gonzalez
Great experience . No dive without seeing hammerheads My favorite dive sites : roca sucia , Alcyone. My best cruise among a lot of destinations Congratulations

Lisa Gove Rockport, MA, USA
© copyright by Brayan Gonzalez
Dirty Rock and Alcyone were my fav's. The tiger sharks were the most incredible. The hammerheads exceeded my expectations!! We were very well taken care of thamks to Chico and his team!

Jonathan Boston MA USA
© copyright by Brayan Gonzalez
Dirty Rock and Alcyone of course, Punta Maria was also excellent and M Channel had the Tigers. hammerheads everywhere! Also saw Mobula, Manta and Eagle Rays. The crew were incredibly helpful and friendly, made us feel ar home on the boat and comfortable under the water. Big thanks to Bryan and Diego for helping us when our gear (that we brought) had some issues.

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