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Uta Wiebe Port Credit Canada
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This is my third trip on the Argo and it was the best! My favourite dive sites were Durty Rock, Alcyone and Dos Amigos small! love Giovanni! Love it still my favourite liveaboard!

Marion Edinburgh, Scotland
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Small Dos Amigos was my best dive ever. Brilliant cleaning stations with constant activity, culminating in a whale shark gliding over our heads and us divers gliding over the whale shark a few minutes later. In addition to the sharks I loved the schools of silver jacks, the marble rays, the colourful and feisty craysish, the tiny reef fish and flower corals....and much more! The dive/boat crew were wonderful - so kind helping me (a bit of an oldie), getting in and out of the skiff, attentive throughout the dive, providing clear guidance and instructions - altogether a great team. Thanks for a great trip. Very tasty and varied food and very plentiful. Super staff.

Paul Tozer Toronto, Canada
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All the dives were wonderful! Hightlights being a whale shark at Small Dos Amigos, huge variety of marine life at Bajo Alcyone and so many hammerhesd sharks everywhere. Great ship, very well organized and safe. Plenty of good food too.

Notis Stefanis Rotterdam, the Netherlands
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Best diving in my life! Tigersharks, whaleshark, galapgos sharks, huge schools of hammerheads, silky sharks, black tips, white tips, manta, mobula, yellowfin tuna and the list goes on! Staff: super friendly and proffesional. They do everythimg they can to make this experience amazing, and in my opinion they succeded 100%! Food: good variety and all well prepared. Really good! Facilities: excellent anything you need on an trip like this is available. Amazing trip! I would like to thank everybody on the undersea hunter for this amazing experience and hoop to back soon!

Prisca Bonaire
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A truly unforgetable experience. Breathtaking dives conducted in a safe, profesionnal, passionate and fun manner. Can only recommend! Friendly and helpful staff. Always trying to make the trip as safe, enjoyable and unforgettable as possible

Naor Ofir Israel
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Mecca of the diving world is here, in Cocos islands with Undersea hunter! A floating hotel with amazing services on bord and underwater diving, safty and passion in diving. Like a pilgrimage, after the first trip you will retun for another trips. Everything was just great.

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