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Franz Sales Austria, Neumarkt am Wallersee
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
This was my third time at Cocos Island. It is just the number one divesite in the world. The ammount of hammerheads we saw is incredible, tiger sharks, galapagos sharks, silkies, walesharks, matas, mobulas ... you name it - we saw it. The boat and the crew is outstanding and i can not thank enough for this exeptionall experience.

Karre Germany
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Moin! War mal wieder ein ganz toller Trip mit der Sea Hunter. Vielen Dank an die Bootscrew und die Guides. Auch diesmal wieder viele unglaubliche Tauchgaenge mit Hammerhai Schulen, Galapagoshaien, Tigerhaien und Wahlhai. Die gute Organisation rundete das Tauchen an der Isla del Coco ab. Ein ganz grosser Extra Dank geht an Capi Raul. Bis zum naechsten Trip zum Fels der Haie mit der Sea Hunter. Danke!

Translation: Good morning! Once again it was a really great trip with the Sea Hunter. Many thanks to the boat crew and guides. Also this time many unbelievable dives with hammerhead schools, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks and choice sharks. The good organization rounded off the diving at Isla del Coco. A very big extra thanks goes to Capi Raul. Can't wait until the next trip to the island of the sharks with the Sea Hunter. Thanks!

The Staff on board was excellent, like the last Trips with the Sea Hunter. The food was also excellent, many thanks to the Staff in the kitchen ( Dani " fritto" and Cariu) Also excellent was Eduardo in the Salon. Good job, every time friendly with a smile. The Skiff Driver an the Engenieers (Eduardo and Balin) make also a great job. Thanks to the Diveguides Juan Manuel, Brayan and Nico. A special "Thanks" to Capi Raul, the soul of the Sea Hunter. "Rock n roll". See you soon,

Claudia Bänninger Berlingen Switzerland
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
The greatest was i see my first Tigershark and it was very nice to see a lot of Hammerheads. It was amazing trip of all

Sirko Weiss Steckborn Switzerland
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Every dive at dirty rock! I saw my first Tigershark(s) - sooooo much of them!!! ;) All of them was great! Perfect team & dives, super food (& Entertainment) :))) ... Every day was wonderful!

Klaus Tritschler Munich, Germany
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Alcyone School of hammerhead on surface and the waleshark on Small Dos Amigos. Staff was extremly good and friedly. Food was excelent. Thanks for the great time on board!

Oliver Lippstadt, Germany
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Most favorites Dives: Dirty Rock and Alcyone, love the big Hammerhead Schools

Michael Timm Wittenbach, Switzerland
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
The Hammerheads in Alcyone and Dirty Rock were amazing. It was a great time again, specially because the Covid situation, everything was very well organized and i felt very safe at all times. Thanks a lot for outstanding performance, specially at this times!

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