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Vincent, Stefan & Jacky Zurich, Switzerland
© copyright by Sergio Gonzalez
Dos Amigos Small was spectacular!! Big school of Hammerheads!!! Galapagos Sharks, Whaleshark at Dirty Rock, Tigersharks, Octopus, and a lot more... Absolutely fantastic experience! Everythig is well organized and you can feel that the crew work together as a team. Everybody from the crew was always helpful and looking after the well-being of the guests. Thank you so much for this amazing experience! We will come back latest for our 60th Birthday including DeepSee Trip :)

María Aragón Barcelona, Spain
© copyright by Sergio Gonzalez
Íncreibles buceos, en especial destacar Dos Amigos pequeño y Alcyone. Tiburón ballena en Dirty Rock espectacular. Todo fantástico. La crew es genial y siempre están dispuestos a ayudar en todo. Comida muy variada con opciones vegetarianas. Experiencia inolvidable. Merece la pena bucear en Coco al menos una vez en la vida. Tiburones martillo en casi todas las inmersiones. Intentaremos volver al Sea Hunter.

Lucas Carrascosa Barcelona, Spain
© copyright by Sergio Gonzalez
World class diving in small groups. Dos Amigos Pequeño and Roca Sucia specially, but any dive site is good in la isla del Coco. We saw sharks in every dive (more than 5 different species), including a few hammerhead schools, tiger sharks and a whale shark. There is also a beautiful coral garden and we saw a lot of other species like eagle rays, mobulas, frog fishes...The staff was very kind with us at all times, helped us with absolutely any problem or issue we had. The food was excellent and the variety was astonishing. The facilities are also pretty good and they were cleaned every day. There was a leak in the cabin bathroom on the first day but it was repaired within 24 hours.

Dave Jaskey Arkadelphia, Arkansas, USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Best site was Small dos Amigos. Most incredible marine life was tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, and whale shark. Cocos always gives you something! I have been coming here since 1997. There is a reason I keep coming back. It is a magical place and no two trips are the same. The return of tiger sharks makes every dive electric and the improved protection of Cocos and other pacific coast marine santuaries has allowed this special place to remain wild with big animal interactions. The Sea Hunter crew and the crew of the submersable are professional and their enthusiasm and joy create an atmosphere rare in the diving world. I appreciate every one of them starting with Juan Manual whose passion and humor together with his vast knowledge of Cocos makes every day an adventure. Merlin, Roy, and Sergio are some of my favorate DMs and they were more than helpful and generous with their years of diving experience. Pipi is everyone's friend and the best boat driver ever. I love that guy. Luis can cook anything and Javier brings personel food service to a whole new level. Captain Raul has a wonderful cohesive crew that all work well together and i will miss all of them...until next time. Thank you for another amazing trip of a lifetime.

Kathryn Browder Kona, Hawaii
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Where do I begin!? Every dive was spectacular, and we saw so much! From frog fish, nudibranchs, and amazing volcanic topography, to whale sharks and tiger sharks. I had an amazing time and thank every member of the crew for their hard work. A very alive, friendly, and hospitable crew! Would come back to the Sea Hunter specifically because of how amazing they are!

Philipp Zuerich, Switzerland
© copyright by Sergio Gonzalez
Food was great, loved the fruits and the meat was really good! All staff members I met tried to make this my best dive trip ever which is exceptional. Even though they had work really hard, they allways had time for a short conversation or to help me out when I needed help. At the same time theey were not pushy, so i would try to keep this staff as long as I could if I were the business owner. Cabin 6 is a bit loud next to the engine on the crossing. The cappuccino machine is great. Great support also for my camera handling.

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