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Lisa Teifke Big Sky, Montana, USA
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Dirty rock, alcyone and dos amigos were especially wonderful but all the sites provided great viewing. Schooling hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, multiple tiger sharks, marbled rays, eels were around almost every dive.

So far ive been on 8 liveaboards. The Sea Hunter as a ship felt extrenely safe and was quite comfortable...I have to say the staff was the most uniformly excellent out of all of those experiences. From Javier,s consistent smiles and amazing awareness of each passengers preferences (he magically provided multiple servings of ice cream to my sugar addicted husband without ever having to ask), to Freddie's ever present optimism and eye popping skill with the panga, to Sergio and Roys absolutely professional, productive and friendly ways they guided every dive (and that Sergio managed a rowdy set if passengers into compliance with the rules), everyone was top notch. What a fabulous crew!

May Ifrach Kfar shmaryahu, Israel
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I love the dives in Cocos. I felt very safe with Sergio underwater. And for me to see the Tiger shark was the best!

Everything was just great! Food. Dives. Crew. All was better than i thot it will be. I loved it all. The crew was the best!!!!

Don Chalker USA
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I loved every thing we saw and did!!! Top notch all the way !!!

Daniel Thun, Switzerland
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Awsome Dives! The visibility was not perfect but what there is happening under water-just breathtaking. Sharks on every dive. The crew is doing a fantastic job. Thank you for this great adventure. I was feeling very comfortable and safe at all time.

Koenig France
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My favorite dive was dirty rocks and small dos amigos . The hammerhead sharks were so close , i was a little bite afraid of that at the beginning but after several days i was so exited to see such big ,huge ,grant sharks again again and again. Staff very kind ,food with lot of varieties even in vegetables , facilities no internet ... But i understand why

Beata Osiecka Warsaw, Poland
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Every dive was perfect - we saw so much marine live every time, sharks every day, increadible number of fish, warm water - absolute beauty. My favourite dive spots are: Dos Amigos and Dirty Rock. A little pitty we could not go to Silverado to see the famoud red-lip batfish.

Everything excellent. But most important are poeple. This crew is perfect: porffessional, friendly and very helpful. Our dive masters: Merlin and Hektor - i liked them as companions but I also felt very safe diving with them. They always tried their best to see as as much as possible. Sergio - great leader, very strict and friendly at the same time. Safety and covid rules was top priority for him, but also appreciation of other crew members. He is a vry good leader. And gokd sense of humor. Javier - great thanks to this guy for being everywhere and trying to make us happy with little things. The true major domus! The rest of the crew very helpful and funny. Thank you ALL !

Lindsey And Jesse San Francisco, CA USA
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Small Dos Amigos, Dirty Rock, and Manuelita were fantastic every dive. Hammers, tigers, black tips, silver tips, silkies...we saw it all. We had an incredible trip with knowlegable, helpful and skilled dive masters. Staff - AMAZING. They went above and beyond to make this a memorable experience. Cheers especially to Javier - the interior was exceptional. Food - Excellent. Being vegetarian, you usually just get vegetables and more vegetables. Luis provided a nice variety of vegetarian protein options that were delicious...We loved this trip!!!

Rajan Dana Point California USA
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Amazing one of a kind diving. The waters are truly pristine, and the large quantities of protected fish keep a healthy shark population. Staff is very professional, food is great. Skifff experience is very well designed. Leaving the bcds and the staff just refill them on the skiffs is very smart idea. Pepe the skiff driver is excellent, along with sergio the cruise director and my divemaster. We felt very comfortable no matter the diving conditions. Great trip, recommended for anyone seeking adventure in 21st century

Rolando Herrero San Jose, Costa Rica
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Dos Amigos and Dirty Rock were the best when we were there. The most incredible to me was the entire system of cleaning stations with the small fish and the sharks cooperating. Also the huge amount of fish all around. The crew and all they did were top quality, friendly, fun, helpful and efficient. Food was great, fresh, varied and creative. All the technical aspects of the sailing and dives were very professional

Fred Teifke Big Sky, Montana USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Favorite dive sites: Dirty Rock, Alycone, Manuelita Outside. Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads. Excellent staff led by Sergio, Javier, Roy, Freddy, andvthe Captian!

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