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Todd Shaw
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Third time in Cocos was amazing! Giovanny made sure every dive was epic! Walls of Hammerheads, schools of Jacks, Tiger sharks, mobula and Manta rays were a common sight. He also put us in the best spots to get photos that were once in a lifetime shots. Couldn't think of a better spot to spend the holidays! The crew makes you feel at home and never like a guest. Javier does such a wonderful job taking care of everything. He and the rest of the crew are the best I have experienced in the industry

Peter Allison Reading, UK
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This was the warm water dive trip that all other dive trips will be measured by. The least excellent dive would have been the best dive of any other trip that i have been on. The best dives were outstanding. Small Dos Amigos and Dirty Rock were the sort of dives that you remember for the rest of your life. The boat is very well organised with the most attentive and professional staff. We intend to come back and I would not use any other boat to dive Cocos. Fantastic food and proactively helpful and attentive staff who would be star assets in any customer facing role.

Fiona Toronto, Canada
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The schools of hammerheads at Dirty Rock were incredible. I also loved seeing the hammerheads and galapagos sharks up close and personal at Little Dos Amigos. Every dive was a pleasure, and I enjoyed seeing the less sharkey critters as well: barber fish, puffers, marble rays, lobsters, octopus. World class dives! All thw staff were so nice, courteous and attentive. Literally couldnt have asked for better service. The food was great and delicious, really enjoyed the special Christmas dinner! However one meal may have been the source of a sickness that got to a lot of the boat passengers. When we were sick, the chef made us some comforting soup :) The facilities are well maintained, with lots of little touches that made the experience that much more special: dry towels after every dive, fully stocked beer fridge, etc.

Janice North Saanich, Canada
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I loved all of the dives! But of course, schools of hammerheads are the sight of a lifetime. Everything was superlative. The staff could not have been more kindly and caring. On the DeepSee -- trip of a lifetime. I did the 300 metre dive. We saw jellyhead fish, octopus, 2 mobulas, dolphins on the way down, a tiger shark, and a few other odd fish at the bottom. It was kind of like a lunar landscape.

Liz Allison Reading, UK
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I loved all the dives but my favouite dives were on Small Dos Amigos and Dirty Rock. At Small Dos Amigos we saw tiger shark for the first time. At Dirty rock was had opportunity to swim through huge amount of big eyed jacks and also a wall of 200 hammerhead sharks. At Alcyone was had two manta swim over head and that was wonderful. The dive guides are all amazing. So helpful and knowledgable. The whole staff team are brillant and this is the best liveaboard I have ever been on. The food is delicous too. Will definitely be back again. I came to see hammerheads and we saw many of them as well as Galapagos, white tip reefs sharks etc.

Cyril Lausanne, Switzerland
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Dirty Rock and Dos Amigos was amazing with a lot of hammerheads and Galapagos sharks

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My favourite dives were at dirty rock where we saw schools of hundreds of hammerheads on every dive. The diving was amazing, but what made this trip special was the staff. They are true masters of service - every one of them - and it takes the experience to a whole new level. I cant thank them enough for everything.

Bradford Johnson Chestertown, Maryland, USA
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Weather conditions for the first 6 days were grey cloudy skies with intermitent rain, last two days it cleared up to sunny calm days. This was my fourth trip to the CoCos in the last twenty years,and it was awesome to be back here with my 17 year old daughter, a young but experienced diver. The entire Sea Hunter operation has been steller in execution and performance from start to finish. They picked us up at the hotel in San Jose with a comfortable bus for the 2.5 hour ride to PuntaArenas where we boarded the Sea Hunter. The crew was most professional, with their jovial happy attitudes and love for their professions shining through the entire trip. The diving experience was spectatcular, after all this is the CoCos Islands boasting one of the few mostly pristine environments on the planet! We had anywhere from 80-200 ft viz, healthy coral reefs with dense schools of little fish hovering everywhere. Everyone comes to see the big shark populations here and this trip didn't disappoint! Scalloped hammerheads by the hundreds both at cleaning stations and out drifting in the blue. Curious Galapagos sharks patroling in close, often spotted Blacktip shark and had several Tiger shark cruise through the dive sites. All in all it was a wonderful experience with a great crew! We will be back! Sea Hunter is a proven workhorse of a dive boat. She isn't new but well maintained and comfortable. Staff was excellent, food of good quality, had both fish and meat choices, fresh salads and veg, yummy desserts! Overall very good experience!

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