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Rick Fath San Francisco
Fantastic. Favorites were the Tiger Shark dives. Loved it, and we had the best dive masters!

Ruth Ingatestone Uk
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A dream come true , hammerheads , tiger sharks . Whale sharks the list is endless . The dive masters were incredable , and not forgetting chief ( pedro ) and all lounge staff . Heart felt thanks to all the argo staff

Peter Roseman Lansing Michigan
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Dirty Rock, Dos Amigos, schooling Hammers, Whale Shark. All fabulous!

Clare Furr Houston Texas, USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Whalesharks at Dos Amigos Small and Punta Maria. Tigersharks at Manualita Channel on 3 dives. Hammerheads at every divesite. amazing trip, fun crew,fun group of divers!, love the fiberglass dingies !!!! Could not ask for better service --from every. The friday party was best! It was great to see the crew have fun

John Isbister Baltimore, MD. USA
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All of the diving was terrific. I most enjoyed Alyceon, Manuelita Channel and Small Dos Amigos. Terrific staff. Friendly, helpful to a fault. Great leadership.

David & Brenda Gordon Tacoma USA
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Fantastic, amazing . All the dives were the best, frog fish, hammerheads, tigers, and whale sharks. Amazing-Awesome. Staff engaged in client shenanigans. Good food and snacks.

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