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Carlos Estape Islamorada, Florida, USA
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Hammerheads galore. Pelagics like Tuna, Wahoo, Manta. The professionalism shown by the crew was superb! I had a chance to speak to several about emergency preparation and drills, boat maintenance, redundancy equipment and overall safety and was extremely impressed. Having dived on many liveaboards all over the world, I can unequivically say that the Argo and crew rank among the best and I can confidently recommend. As for the crew, it is obvious that much attention has been given to selecting the right personnel for the job. All my interactions with them have been positive and all have acted in the most professional manner. I particularly want to commend Geovanny, Olman and Dennis from the panga we were on and Carlos and Fernando on the one time we had them aboard for their helpfulness and comforting safety protocol shown. No matter how amazing a dive location is, it is the boat and dive crew that makes or breaks the experience, and the Argo passed with flying colors!

Allison Estape Islamorada Florida
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Cocos is known for its sharks and we saw hammerheads on every dive. It also has several endemic species and I really enjoyed finding and photographing these lesser appreciated species. I had a wonderful trip to Cocos on the Argo. I can highly recommend the Argo & the Undersea Hunter group. The boat is extremely well maintained, the crew is well trained and prepared to respond to emergencies, and they are all very personable and focused on making the trip a safe and unforgettable experience. Special thanks to the dive guides (extra special thanks to Geovani & Carlos) for helping us find & photograph Cocos' endemic fish species, and to the chef & kitchen staff for preparing tasty vegan meals. This was the most professional & safety conscious liveaboard I have been on. Thank you for a wonderful experience Regards Allison Estape

Allison Lingerfelt St Pete Beach, Florida USA
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Small Dos Amigos, Alcyone, Dirty Rock--- great dives, saw many hammerheads, Galapagos shrk, white tips, black tips, manta ray, and whale shark!!! Amazing experience with a fabulous dive instructor and director Giovanni.a beautiful undersea world! Chaco was the perfect 'host' and cared for the needs of the guests. He was so accomodating and even anticipated our needs! Super delightful and kind. The chef was great! There was always something great to eat and accomodated for food preferences and needs. The laundry service was a huge benefit (would have liked to know beforehand and would have packed much lighter). The boat staff was fantastic!

Tamara Wells Los Angeles, CA
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All of the dive sites were amazing. Dirty Rock and Alcyone were top of the list though. We saw schools of hammers either at the cleaning stations or drifting off into the blue. You'd think the dive was over, then you'd hear the dive masters' rattle and you were in a school of hammers. Such an incredible dive experience. Giovanni went above and beyond to ensure we had a blast. The staff is incredible; polite, accomodating, and very knowledgable. The food was a huge highlight, every dietary concern was met and everyone was fully satisfied.

Bianca Cincinnati, USA
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We came for the hammerheads and they delivered! It was fantastic to see schools of them on multiple dives. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful

Ian Wells Los Angeles, California. USA
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I saw so many hammerheads on almost every dive. Dirty Rock was a challenge but ended up being one of my favorite dive sites. We had excellent divemasters watching over us. Everyone onboard the Argo was amazing. They all work hard to make your diving world class. From the diving to the food provided, outstanding service! See you all very soon! Hope to be back in the future!

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