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Lisa Lazar USA
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Lisa Lazar, USA
This is the best place in the world!!! The diving is AMAZING! The boat is PERFECT! Captain Hugo and his crew are FANTASTIC! This was my second trip to Cocos and my first to Malpelo and now I am trying to figure a way to be able to return here monthly. It really is that incredible! On just one dive you can see hundreds of hammerheads, silky sharks, mantas, dolphins, dozens of marble rays, and soooooo many free swimming morays. You won’t know which way to look – but that’s ok, because Miguel and Mario (the really cute divemasters) will show you ALL the good stuff. Freddy and Jose may get you back to the boat a bit late, but only because you’ve been lucky enough to find a bait ball and snorkel to see the silkys and tuna hunting. Don’t worry… Luis, Javier and Pedro will still be waiting for you with some yummy snacks and fresh towels. When we come to Cocos or Malpelo for the first time, we come for the diving of course. But, when we return to the Sea Hunter, we are returning because of the ocean AND the new friendships that have been created in this magical and mystical place. Hurry!!!! Come to Cocos on the Sea Hunter.

Ali Salamon Germany
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Ali Salamon, Germany
After 11 years I came back and it was exciting as ever. The crew was very friendly, helpful.
The cabins size more than adequate. The other passengers, from various countries, all nice, and as far as I can make out there were no quarrels whatsoever.
Wouldn´t mind to come back as soon as possible.

John Robert Hinson USA
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John Robert Hinson, USA
The SCUBA diving trip to Malpelo and Cocos Island was OUTSTANDING and exceeded my expectations. The crew is very professional and the diving is extremely exceptional. You will definitely fulfill your diving dreams and aspirations with the crew of the Sea Hunter. In short, this world famous live-a-board SCUBA diving operation is clearly the best of the best.

Jordi Tort Spain
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Jordi Tort, Spain
I have not words to say how amazing is diving in Isla del Coco & Malpelo. I’ve seen in 11 diving days 7 different types of sharks plus so many other types of fishes than there is not enough space in this page to write them all.
Both Islands are the perfect combination for divers, Malpelo island is rough and virgin, Coco Island is beautiful in and out of the water, is difficult to have enough time to see everything in one dive you need more times diving the same dive site to appreciate everything.
The crew, organization and boat are even better than the diving, I don’t need to say any thing else about them.
Many thanks for those incredible diving days I have spent with the Sea Hunter.

Jurgen Hammerer Austria
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Jurgen Hammerer, Austria
Had a lot of fun with all of you guys. I will definitely come back in 2004.
See you soon. Special thanks to the kitchen it was excellent.

Werner Thiele Austria
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Werner Thiele, Austria
My first trip to Malpelo but already my third trip to Cocos. It was, as always, absolutely perfect, fascinating and a thrill of a lifetime. We saw everything you can imagine – or better, beyond your imagination: There were never-ending schools and schools of fish. There were red-lipped batfishes and eagle rays. We had a mind-killing dive under an active bait ball. There were marble rays everywhere and more than one time I had the chance to dance half an hour with a 5 meter manta, who loved to kiss my camera…And, of course, there were sharks: White tip reef sharks and black tip sharks. Silky sharks and Silver tip sharks. Galapagos sharks and, of course, the most fascinating off all: The Hammerhead sharks. All together we must have seen at least 3000 sharks in this trip. DOUBTS??? You don’t have to. In a few weeks you can see the proofs on the gallery of my homepage .

Mico Oki Japan
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Mico Oki, Japan
FANTASTC !!!!!! DIVING, CREWS, ALL the guests on BOARD !
Thank you so very much, PURA VIDA !!

Ralf Frey and Rosi Schwanse Germany
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Ralf Frey and Rosi Schwanse, Germany
Diving, ship and crew from the finest. After 1.000 dives worldwide Cocos & Sea Hunter still remains paradise for big fish diving. We’ll come back again. Thank you for an exciting and wonderful trip.

Uwe Haaf Germany
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Uwe Haaf, Germany
Absolutely incredible – compared with the places I have dived worldwide Cocos and Malpelo is the best for big fish especially the hammerhead sharks (you should have seen the dozens of whitetip sharks during the night dives). Many thanks to the crew.

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