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Diego Von Bertrab Mexico City, Mexico
© copyright by DeepSee
Before coming aboard the Argo for the trip to Coco’s island,
I was told about the DeepSee submarine and was very excited to try it. We choose to do the 300m dive since it was an experience I had never come close to.
After taking the trip I can say that it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. After reaching 300m depth I felt like I was on the moon. It was extraordinary! I had never before seen landscapes like this. It is an adventure I definitely recommend to any passenger who comes aboard the Argo.
You will not regret it!

Rick & Jenny Boughton Guangzhou, China
© copyright by DeepSee
After such a unique experience what can we say but sincere thanks to pilots Arik, Federico and Moño. Their maintenance of DeepSee is immaculate, the vessel functioned impeccably!
No matter how many videos one can watch of submersibles, nothing can compare with the first descent inside DeepSee. As we sank beneath the surface the feeling inside was incredible! It was awe inspiring to dive to the seabed at 200m then drop over the edge and descend a further 100m to 300m! knowing that the sea floor was a further 2.5 km down.
Our slow descent down the wall and then to the rocks at 200m revealed a myriad of tiny sea life which incredibly thrive at these depths. We would highly recommend the DeepSee dive to all who love the ocean and the life within. Doing so in such a safe, well maintained submarine piloted in our case by pilot Arik.
Should not be missed! It’s a once in a lifetime journey which we will repeat when we next from the Argo with DeepSee.
Again, many thanks boys!

Muriel & Pierre-Emile Julien Suresnes, France
© copyright by DeepSee
Experience trés interessante – Un rêve qui s’est realisé: rencontre avec des poissons connus mais également jusque là inconnus. Vie trés riche même à 300m de profondeur.
On aimerait pouvoir descendre encore plus bas.
Sensation de totale securite à l’interieur ou DeepSee. La coupole, totalement invisible sous l’eau, donne l’impression d’être “a l’exterieur”.
Je conseille vivement de tenter l’aventure – aucun regret: le coût semble un peu elevé mais il aurait ete dommage de passer a côté de cette opportunite.
Merci à Arik, Federico et moño de nous avoir fait partager leur passion.

Miguel Hernández San Jose, Costa Rica
© copyright by DeepSee
Una experiencia increivle poder conocer a cerca de la vida a niveles inferiors hasta 300m.

Adicionalmente esta experiencia es completamentada por el gran nivel profesional del staff a cargo del submarino, quienes inician estes viaje con una charla de seguridad y tienen un gran conocimiento, ya que hacen explicaciones durante todo el viaje del submarino. Y lo hacen sentir a uno muy a gusto y seguro.
Super recomendado hacer este viaje.

Muchas gracias Fede, Arik, Moño! Son ustedes grandes profesionales.

Y me despido sin antes agradecer a todo, todo el personal de Argo, quienes me hicieron sentir como en casa, calidad de personas.

Vincent Palttner Berlin, Germany
© copyright by DeepSee
Ein unbeschreibliches Erlebnis! Man fühlt sich wie in einem ranmschiff welches einen anderen Planeten erkundet. Dann auch noch von Delfinen in den abgrund begleitet zu worden war die krönung! Extraordinary experience! You feel like going to explore a new planet! Beeing accompanied by dolphins on the way down was simply amazing as well,

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