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Achim Freyer Switzerland
© copyright by DeepSee
A fantastic and unique experience. The magic of the moment when the dome closes and the submarine breaks through the surface.
We were greeted by a Mobula ray on our down, witnessed the moment the light disappeared and then saw the marvel of deep sea fish and then we put the music of the Big Blue movie, and enjoyed Jacques Mayol life environment.
On the way up we stopped around 200m at a rock formation on the sand which was full of life with deep sea fish, Moray eels and even a giant Frogfish.
Following this we went back to the surface only to be greeted by another Mobula ray at 140m.
The smile on our face when we finally made it up tells the whole story from a different point of view and expresses our gratefulness for having been able to go to the edge of light at 300m below sea.
Thanks a lot to the fantastic team!

Yiping Li Germany
© copyright by DeepSee
This is the best dive trip I ever had, and DeepSee is a big part of it. Being able to go down 300 meters under the ocean, enjoy the darkness and the absolution from the outside world. This is the most unique experience that one should have once in a life time. Thanks to the crew to make this possible!

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