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Nathalie Dietrich Switzerland
© copyright by Shmulik Blum
Definitely a once in a life time experience.
Very good and important explanation before the immersion.
Great team.
Images / impressions / feelings – I will never forget.
Thanks to the 3 of you, you are the best team ever!

Michael Clinch Miami, Florida, USA
© copyright by Arik Amzaleg
My father and I took a deep dive in the DeepSee submersible. It was an amazing experience. Arik was our pilot in the DeepSee and his enthusiasm for the ocean was contagious. We drifted to an area that is not commonly explored. We saw a large group of Jellonose fish under a rock ledge and then we were visited a Mobula ray.
I highly recommend this experience to Undersea Hunter guests for two reasons. First, it is an opportunity to experience the ocean and its’ life in a new and unique way. Second, the DeepSee staff is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about their work.
In all, the DeepSee team taught me a lot about the ocean and also explained the sub’s role in conservation and reserve efforts.
I am truly grateful to have had the experience, and to have shared the experience with the DeepSee team.

Arie kerem Eilat, Israel
© copyright by Arik Amzaleg
Diving with the DeepSee was an amazing experience for me, going down to 300m for the first time in my life. Arik the pilot is an amazing person – so friendly, highly professional, has plenty of knowledge about marine life, operates the DeepSee like a real captain.
I have seen a lot of things and life forms I would never see on a regular scuba dive, it was one of the most interesting experience I have had in my life.
Thank you Arik!

Amazing, outstanding, great experiance, the pilot Aarik is number 1!!! Proffesional, very friendly, saw groupers, jellownose, frogfish, devil manta

Thomas Clinch Annapolis, MD USA
© copyright by Arik Amzaleg
Since early childhood, diving in Cocos island has been a life long dream of my son Mike. He received great feedback about the Undersea Hunter vessels from previous guests. The unique opportunity to dive in the DeepSee submersible was definitely a factor in choosing the company. The dive was an amazing experience! One that you should not miss.

The crew is extremely professional and the entire process is very safe. The enthusiasm of the pilot, Arik, made the trip even more fun. It had been Arik’s childhood dream to pilot a submarine in Cocos island. He and Mike became instant friends! The plexi-glass of the sunmarine becomes invisible underwater, creating a memorizing view. We saw unusual fish, crabs and rays. The unique opportunity to view a part of the plant that most individuals never get to experience creates a very unique lifetime memory, one that I was fortunate to share with my son.

Alberto Benuzillo Guadalajara, Mexico
© copyright by Arik Amzaleg
Fue una experiencia unica, algo que vale la pena realizar por lo menos una vez en la vida, la sensacion de bajar 300 metros de profundiadad y verlo todo bajo la burbuja del submarino te da una perspectiva de 360 grados. Vi pulpos, meros, peces escorpion y el pez sapo que lo vi perfecto y tome video moviendise que es dificil verlomporque casi siempre estan quietos.

Es algo unico poder bajar 300 metros abajo del mer,
La sensacion es indescriptible, ver animales diferentes pero
Sobre todo la obscuridad total a los 300m y emocion de estar experimentando algo nuevo que pocos tienen la dicha de vivir.
Felicidades por esta inciativa turistica, es algo diferente que ya es posible disfrutar para la gente comun

Kurt Mauron Switzerland
© copyright by Arik Amzaleg
Just amazing experience!
Super professional and handsome crew!
I will never forget this adventure!
Thank you so much guys!!!

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