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Sabine Templeton Kauai, Hawaii
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No words can describe the feeling of venturing down to 300 m on the sub. Definitley a highlight of the Cocos trip. Arik and David were incedible hosts and their knowledge and passion for the underwater world was contagious. A once in a lifetime experience... HIGHY RECOMMEND!!!

Truly Magical! One of the most unique awe-inspiring experiences to be had in the ocean. Definitely a HIGHLIGHT of our Cocos trip ☺
A massive thank you to the entire DeepSee team for making a trip of a lifetime
Pura Vida!

Clayton M. Barnhill
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
I dove to 1000ft, on August 3rd 2019, with pilot Arik/David. Mr. Arik was very knowledgeable and the submarine dive was amazing. I felt like an oceanographer on an expedition. I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend to anyone thinking about taking the dive on the Argo. The crew were very helpful and all staff was extremely safety oriented.
Thanks again for a dive of a lifetime.

Karen Gladstone
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
I felt like I was landing on the moon – fantastic experience.

Ken Scarbrough Vero beach, Florida, USA
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
We had a fantastic experience on the DeepSee. The entire experience was incredible. Arik & David were the two guys that worked & prepped us for the dive. Both were TRUE PROFFESIONAL!!
Very glad I did the DeepSee.
Would recommend it for experience for anyone interested.
Thank you

Erwin Poliakoff Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Loved the trip, fascinating experience. Glad I did it.

Ellen Forte Long Beach, CA, USA
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
The submarine ride was fantastic experience from start to finish. David and the other sub crew members were very professional and took great care in explaining the process and otherwise preparing us for the trip. Their demeanor removed all my remaining anxiety. We went to 1000ft and were amazed by the life at that level. You really do have to see it to believe it! The dome of the sub just “disappeared” and we felt so though we could reach out and touch the cliff wall. David, the pilot, was very knowledgeable about all the creatures we saw and answered all our questions completely. To see Groupers, crabs, an Octopus, Frogfish, Eels and many other animals living too far below the surface for us to ever see another way was pretty exciting. I would do the trip again and highly recommend it to others!

John Chase Florence, AL, USA
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If you are on the fence about taking a ride on the DeepSee sub, as I was, I would whole heartily recommend and go for it. You will probably never experience any think like it again in your life!
The trip and the crew far exceled my expectations.
Enjoy the ride.

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