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Lauren Berger Sacramento, California
© copyright by DeepSee
The ARGO is an amazing boat, and the whole trip was quite an unforgettable experience! My friend Jean-Luc and I had a fantastic time diving in Cocos Island. The DeepSee was on another level! It was fascinating to be able to see what the ocean looks like at 1000 feet deep. It was an other worldly experience, like landing on the moon! The Jellonose fish colony was spectacular, as were the groupers who were so curious and came right up to the dome of the DeepSee. We saw Moray eels, Brittle see star, Crabs, Brotula, Mobula Rays, Corals, Jelly fish, Scorpion fish and strange yet unbelievable topography. The DeepSee captain did a superb job explaining the experience as it happened. I am steel digesting what it was like at 1000feet. It was an experience of a lifetime! I highly recommend it!

Maryline Kulawik London, UK
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We experienced an incredible travel into time and space, taken doen to the deep, we saw the colors changing; this included the water color, going from blue, green, brownish and then dark. At the bottom we found out that some pale light beam was still getting deeply through. We encountered some animals living in the rocks at 300m deep: Groupers, Morays, Jellonose fish, Scorpionfish… life is still going on, even in the abyss. We were also lucky to bump into a couple of Mobula rays swimming around the submarine, deep below 200m!
Distances and shapes are distorted and a 70cm long Grouper seemed to be less than 10cm. Cruising along the wall feels like being on the moon, with cliffs, rocks, small craters appearing under the projector light. Our senses (especially orientation) were all disturbed and felt we had been sent into another world, strange, but still inhabited.

Manfred & Regina Vienna, Austria
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It was a wonderful experience; we highly recommend it to all who are visiting Cocos island. Perfectly organized Federico has a profound knowledge and gave us lots of interesting information about the marine life and technical details of the submarine. Arik was very friendly in all preparations before…

Flavien Kulawik London, UK
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We greatly appreciated the professionalism of our pilot, Federico, whose knowledge and kindness made our exploration highly entertaining and time flew during the whole journey!
We had started with Dolphins on the surface, we enjoyed looking at crabs, eels, Frogfishes, Brotulas, Groupers and many strange invertebrates. At 300m depth, we were so excited to spot an unknown fish species that needs to checked by a scientist for identification.
A unique thrilling experience!

Thomas Kulawik London, United Kingdom
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An Outstanding and unique experience. The crew made me feel safe and confident.

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