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Leo Kiev, Ukraine
© copyright by DeepSee
Saw a deepwater frogfish, some other fish with a murena tail (forgot its name), some small red fish, and, most importantly, Joe. We gave this name to a grouper that came really clo to us and stayed there for 15 minutes just staring at us and enjoying the bubbles.

Ilya Segal USA/Ukraine
© copyright by DeepSee
It was unforgettable experience, different world.
It was like traveling to the moon.

Marta Combra
© copyright by DeepSee
DeepSee submarine from the ARGO boat, is a unique opportunity to discover the depth marine ecosystem at Cocos island.
Even if a person has lots of dive with scuba tanks I feel you need to see what is down there in order to have a bigger picture of Cocos island .
I had an amazing experience with the DeepSee submarine guides and I highly recommend taking this opportunity. Thanks to ARGO crew to make this trip and unforgettable experience

Joakim Odelberg
© copyright by DeepSee
It was truly an amazing experience to go with David. Proffesional and calm . and now I am considering to get dread locks
David get 3 Thumbs out of 3 Odelberg Thumbs… Kiss and hugs
Yours Forever

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