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Kyle Waddle
This was a very unique and exciting experience. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to take the DeepSee, I would highly recommend it. We were able to go to 300m, see deep-sea creatures and experience the ocean from a new angle.
An experience I will never forget!

Mike & Fatima Barker Dallas, TX USA
The DeepSee was a once in a lifetime adventure. Traveling deep into the ocean depths was very surreal! Seeing Mobula rays visiting from out the blue was very exciting. Sitting on the sand at 300m feels like being on a different planet… very peaceful.
Arik did a great job of pointing out the Jellynose fish, Eels, Scorpionfish, Frogfish and so many little creatures from the deep.

Hans & Frank Berthold Berlin, Germany
Jaw dropping experience!
Incredible feeling having the deep-sea and its’ curious creatures at grasp.

Beatrice & Peter Switzerland
The journey was one of our greatest experiences. We felt with Federico all the time safe and comfortable. The view was amazing.
We wish the crew to find a lot of new and great discoveries and creatures
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