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David H Dublin Ireland
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
A voyage to 300meters under the sea, on the DeepSee Submersible was enlightening & educational,
With excellent crew, doing everything for you, so you’re free to enjoy the experience, I could go on for pages , but to keep it short 1010 I will be back again,
Thank you, thank you & again

Peter Auster Chester , Connecticut, USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Many are enamoured with the idea of traveling to see the earth from above,
From the lifeless void of space. Traveling to the depth of the sea,
In an “Interspace Capsule” the DeepSee Submersible, must be a better
Adventure, because we are surrounded by the diversity, abundance,
And beauty of marinelife found in Cocos Island National Park.

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