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Eduardo Maris Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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The staff made a difference. They are great! Everybody smiling all the time and pleased to help us. Pedrito is super nice, Ema is the best skiff I have seen and treated us as friends, Stefan and Morado tried to find the best things underwater, Capt telling his stories, Eduardo keeping everything working well, Luiz and Xavier with good food and Sergio organizing all the stuff. In my opinion, Felipe is the heart of the boat, very friendly, helpful, always available and funny in the best way! Thanks, guys.

Maria Margarida Belo Horizonte, Brazil
I'm really impressed with the dedication, attention, efficiency of all of the crew. Beyond this I could count with much kindness wich has made the big difference in this trip. Thanks a lot!!!
Celine Bermuda
Amazing. The crew was amazing and it was so wonderful to be greated every morning with a kind smile from Pedro, the host. Ema was such a good skiff driver, and so so kind as well!
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