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Thomas Clinch Annapolis, MD USA
Arie kerem Eilat, Israel
Baitball - the best,dirty rock,helcyone. Tiger shark, hammerhead,eagle ray. Great staff, lovely & friendly guys,food was deliciouse and a big varaiety, cabin very comfortable and roomy,saloon nice inviting and very well equiped. I highly enjoyed the whole trip, the Argo is an amazing boat,very comfortable to sail with in any weather,graet cabines, service is great and the crew - wow, so nice! I must remind 2 men for great time they gave me:Stefan my divemaster is fantastic highly proffesional, very friendly and does an exellant job, chako the saloon man - made my trip unforgetable,we became very good friends,but he treated everyone with care and respect,above all, he created a lovely and nice atmosphare during meals and between dives.

Florian Agsteiner Munich, Germany
The favorite dives were bait ball dives, i really enjoyed being surounded by dolphins and silky/galapagos sharks. For dive sites i don't have a favorite, all dive sites varied both in the conditions, variety of fish and sharks and type of dive. Every dive site was exciting and unique and even revisting them ended up in new experiences. It was almost impossible to keep track of all the good memories because so many where special. I think we surpassed the 71 hammerheads per trip average for sure ;-)

Everybody on the boat was very friendly and went out of their way to provide the best service. Filipe and Chako were the perfect hosts and made the stay a blast. Chicos food was great, very tasty and perfect (the only things i would change are more mangos after the dives and having a costa rica themed menu one meal ) Everybody of the staff on board was awesome. Everything on deck was perfectly orchestrated and the little things (like warm towels after diving), treats and conversations made it unique around other liveaboards if have been to. The facilities like camera station, racks for the equipment, washing spots and dive area were in a top condition and a pleasure to get ready. Every dive briefing was performed with a huge poster highlighting the location and marine life. The pangas were great and drivers like Merlin made the trips to dive sites awesome and we went to some special places near the island after the dive. The dive guides were nice knowledgeable and would help eagerly with any needs. We had a lot of fun with the blue team ¡Vamonos azul!! and diving with Estefan was really enjoyable. Thanks Filipe for the light rescue The fact that the equipment mostly stayed on the Panga speeded up getting ready and it felt great to go on dives relaxed. The boat is the best, well organized and best equiped boat i have been on and the crew and guests were like a family very quickly. We became friends for life. I will proudly wear the staff shirt i have bought

Brad Kingsbury Los Angeles, United States
Loved loved loved all the dives at Dirty Rock! Alycone was also great - we went there 4 times and saw a bunch of stuff, including a sea turtle. Also enjoyed the 2 times we dived the baitballs! Those were some of the more unique experiences! Entire crew on Argo were great! I'd love to call out all those members of the crew that made an impact, but I would be naming nearly all of them! Diving in the sub was a bucketlist once in a lifetime opp which I thouroughly enjoyed and would recommendt to everyone. When i come back, which I surely will, I will be sure to go on the Argo again!!!

Alvaro Monteiro De Castro Rio de janeiro Brasil
The bait balls are incredible and unforgetable. The schools of hammerhead in Alcyone are amazing. The food was excellent, the crew were kind and always ready to help.

Reinaldo Serfaty Rio de Janeiro Brasil
It was an amazing experience. Perfect crew, perfect service. I love Alcyone. Everything perfect.
Alberto Benuzillo Guadalajara, Mexico
Todos los lugares de buceo tienen algo especial, los que mas me gustaron fueron Dirty Rock y Alcyone para ver tiburones martillo y escuelas grandes de peces. Y un buceo que me encanto fue el de Pajara por lo tranquilo del mar y la visibilidad extraordinaria para tomar fotos de peces pequenos y tiburones punta blanca. Y Manuelita Channel tambien muy buen sitio, para los buceos de la tarde la mejor opcion. Me gustaron mucho ver tiburones punta blanca de grandes y las mantas marmoleadas, tambuen las escuelas de jureles. Todo maravilloso bajo el mar y agregar las vistas de superficie de la isla con el verdor total,cascadas, aves volando todo el tiempo, un encuentro total con la naturaleza, un viaje increible.

El barco Argo extraordinario, grande, espacios amplios tanto en camarote como las dos salas para pasajeros, la comida muy buena, el chef es una maravilla, todo delicioso, mucha variedad y abundancia. Me voy feliz, todo me encanto.

Nathalie Dietrich & Kurt Mauron Switzerland
Very friendly and professional team on the boat. Excellent food, always with delicious vegetarian options. Favorite dives were in Dirty Rock, Alcyone. Eagle ray, Hammerhead sharks.

Michael Clinch Miami, Florida USA
We had some great experiences. We had three baitballs. Two out of the three had dolphins and large tuna. All three had silky, blacktip, and galapagos sharks. It was an amazing set of experiences. We also had a large school of hammerheads over us at Alcyone. In all, we had a great variety of dive experiences.

Everyone on the ship was friendly and knowlegable. Chako was an amazing waiter. He made sure that I was always comfortable when I would come into the salon before 5am. I also throught that the Deep See team went above and beyond to share their work experiences with me. Federico would always find me to tell me about the work that he was doing with the team and the visiting biologist. It is clear that they all love what they do. I also had an amazing experience with Erik on our deep sub dive. Wow! He was so friendly and knowledgeable. The food was always great and the room was always neat and clean. I am grateful that Chako took our laundry orders, which allowed me to stay in co fortable clothes during the entire week.

The dive masters were very fun to dive with because they were just as excitable as the guests were about seeing Cocos' amazing marine life. I also wanted mention the yoga. This was an important addition to the trip and allowed me to be more mindful and present during our dives. Thank you Stefan!

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