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John Chapman Zuerich Switzerland
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguezcon Rodriguez
The tiger shark and the schooling hammerheads. The staff were the best ...... Friendly and very helpful I liked the size of the boat, and the skiffs were significantly better than a RIB / Zodiak comfort and safety. One of the best livaboards I have so far been on

Thomas & Izabella Meyer Switzerland
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
It is amazing to dive every day with so many Hammerheads ! Nice, friendly and professional staff- they not only work, they are friends for theirs guests. We like them all very much. We would like to come back to Cocos Island with Argo and its crew. Big thanks to all staff for making our trip comfortable and unforgottable.

Samia And Christopher Paris - France
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Alcyone, Dirty Rock and Manuelita outside are definitely gorgeous! The boat is very confortable with enough space for every one. The staff is always paying attention to our comfort. Very positive stuff: + Yoga classes + Safety on the skiffs + Happy hour evening + Dive masters enthusiasm + Food variety and quality.

© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Last dive was fantastic with tiger shark, galapagos and mobula.

John Brill Durango, Colorado
© copyright by Denise Smolinksy
All courteous and friendly and good at learning our names. All good.

Samuel Smith San Diego. USA
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Hammerheads, Hammerheads, Hammerheads!!! Enjoyed the marble rays and all the other sea life as well. Very impressed with entire staff!!! Felipe, Stefan, Olman, Chako, Pedrito (and others I'm forgetting) were all absolutely superb!! Congratulations on such a fine crew!!!

Rick Minchew Austin Texas USA
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Dirty Rock & Arenal were the top most memorable dives! The marine life & sheer numbers of hammerheads was incredible! Exceptional crew & boat!! Boat very comfortable, great beds & lots of hot water! Each of The crew were so friendly & helpful Feel like i made new friends! Amazing trip! Look forward to returning again!

Jason Hercules Limassol Cyprus
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Amazing shark encounters, especially at Alcyone and Dirty Rock. Huge numbers of schooling hammerheads. We saw many other sharks including Galapagos,Silkies, Silver Tips, Black Tips and last but by no means least, Tigers at Manuelita Outside. Also saw Eagle Ray, Mobula and a Manta Ray. This was my first time back after ten years and everything was as excellent as ever. A tightly run ship with a wonderful crew, great food, superb skiff drivers and above all else, the best dive guiding there is.

Enrico De Battista Sins, Switzerland
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
My first priority/ dream has been to see the Hammerhead schools. Which has been fully fullfilled. Hundreds of Hammerheads and some closed by encounters. Wow! Really amazing! The Galapagos Sharks, Silvertips, Blacktip and at the end the Tigershark as well! Staff are very helpful and very friendly. All crew member have a professional attitude and very experienced. Never had to be worry about anything. Safety ( was never an issue. Even with rough conditions. Food was excellent with lots of variety. Salad, Vegetables, fruits all available every time. Facilities: I like the plenty of space on dive deck. Skiffs are excellent for the rough sea! I would recommend highly the Argo to others Divers as well. I hope to return one day!

Denise & Alex Smolinsky Switzerland, Z├╝rich
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
Perfect trip, we'll come again. Very good food and different meals, very friendly and helpfull crew. We had Hammerheads on every dive, amazing.

Drew Nageleisen Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
1st trip to cocos did not disappoint. Ginger tea was exceptionally helpful for those of us who became sick on the boat. Excellent.

Paul Armstrong Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
My compliments on building a stellar crew. Each member was a pleasure to live with for the week. My special thanks to Stefan. He is a skilled and concientious divemaster and takes genuine pride in ensuring that the divers under his care have the best and *safest* experience. Choco was always attentive and courteous. Mucho gusto, Choco. ANd last but not least, Philippe ensured our experience was smooth and the service professional. I (and friends!) will be back!

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