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Peter Wouda Berlin, Germany
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Being back after 9 years was a great experience. The same famous professional attitude combined with humor and fun. The best dive sides were Dirty Rock with enourmas amount of fish, The Dos Amigos with excellent visibility and Galapagos sharks, Manuelita Coral Garden, Outside and the Channel. Plenty of Hammerheads, but due to visibiliy it was not possible to see the schools completely. The amount of White tips is reduced compared to my previous trip - instead we had curious Tiger Sharks in some dives. The crossing to Cocos was extremely rough indeed. Once arrived at the Island we had 7(!) days of sunshine. Big Thanks to the entire crew of the Seahunter who seems to be a happy family and made the trip very joyful. Special thanks goes to the Captain Raul, the Chefs Luis, Paka, Javier, and to Pipi. Special respect and thanks goes to the Cruise Director Carlos, who is a great entertainer but also reacts perfectly cool and professional in stressful situations. P.S: the paramedics from the Ranger Station deserve big respect and thanks.

Daniela Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
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My favorite dives where the dives at Dirty Rock - huge marine life, sharks, eagle ray, and, and, and....however the most incredible marine life I saw at Manualita - Gerta, the Tigershark and her family around...

Marianne Immensee Switzerland
© copyright by Genna Marie Davis, Costa Rica Blue
Of course Tigershark :-), but eagle ray sooo close and shoulder to shoulder with a Galapagos shark ! Love it and will come back for sure.

Martin Paus Berlin Germany
© copyright by Genna Marie Davis, Costa Rica Blue
Dirty Rock, school of hammerheads and tigersharks. it was an well organized trip.

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