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Dov Bensman Zukey yam Israel
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Dirty rock was the best site for sure. Some of the other sites like halcyon were a waste. We saw some hammerheads cleaning in dirty rock and had a close encounter with a tiger shark. Roy our dive master was amazing!!! He can give lectures on uw group leadership both on regular dives and in extreme situations. he was also very friendly and a great fun to be with. Arik the cruize director was not our dive master but he was great. He took care of everything and everyone at all times and made sure that all was going smothly. He kept us al happy constantly. Chaco was like everywhere and allways with a smile. Great guy great service and personality.

Sandy Schopf Lancaster, Pennsylvania. USA
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Our favorite location was Dirty Rock. We saw many hammerheads there. We also saw dophins swimming in a school of jacks which was amazing. Our dive guide was fantastic and our skiff driver was very attentive and helpful. The argo was an amazing experience! We enjoyed how the crew had such fun together, laughing and joking. Roy's laugh is infectious. The crew worked as a well oiled machine when it was time for it! Choko took such good care of us! Frederico was a wonderful submarine pilot. The food was fantastic and overabundant! Pipi our skiff driver took great care of us. Arik our divemaster and cruise director was fabulous. He was immensely patient with our group while diving and tons of fun out of the water. Estephan was a great divemaster who helped keep his eyes on us all! We have had a wonderful trip and highly recommend Cocos Island with Sea Hunter!

Cynthia Flynn Wilmington Delaware USA
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Our dive master Roy was exceptional. The dive boats on the Argo are well maintained and are easy to get on and off. The hard shell skiffs are so mch better than zodacs, We saw schhols of hammerheads, tigershark and marble ray. We had scary close encounter with the tiger but roy protected us and the group worked together. I had to take my gear off in water and hand up other than flyim Ng up later for tiger. Crew is awesome esp chako. Great trip with orca pod on return. Top notch. No problms on the ship. Very friendly hekpful fun loving but extremely hard working crew

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Diving with the hammerheads and huge schools of jacks at Dirty Rock was amazing! The encounter with the tiger shark was the most exhilarating dive ever! The staff are exceptional. They are professional, courteous and nice. So great to see a staff that gets along so well and work so well together. They are like a well oiled machine. A special thanks to Roy, for being a great divemaster, with a winning attitude.

Martin Fluri Berne Switzerland
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Fantastic experience with many hammerheads. Wonderful experience with several dolphins! Many whitetip sharks and rays and moray eels and colorful schools of fish tuna and jacks! Enjoyed the very pleasant helpful staff. The ship was great

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