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David & Sam Reha San Jose, USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
A once in a lifetime trip that measured up in every way. The entire crew was very professional, engaging and provided wealth of information, background and stories – our pilot, Federico, in particular.
The marine life we saw at 600-1000 feet was amazing and we saw so much diversity: from the Jellonose to the Brotula, Groupers, crabs, Nudibranchs, and the Silky shark on the way back to the surface.
Four thumbs up!

Deniz + Caitlin
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The whole operation was extremely impressive on a professional and operational level. They made us feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process.
Awesome trip that I won’t forget.
I still want that jumpsuit! ;)

At first, I was very anxious about going into a submarine that operates in such a hostile environment, but the quality of the staff, equipment and procedures was very evident and reassuring. My anxiety was replaced by serious fascination and exhilaration. It was a tremendous experience; one I’ll never forget. I’m so proud of the work that Undersea Hunter has done here, and I hope that it can be repeated successfully elsewhere. Congrats on developing a world-class capability with this submarine, and opening many persons’ eyes to the deep-sea environment that is so important our planet’s health.
I loved the ride; it was worth any penny!

Dennis Hood San Jose, CA, USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
An experience to inspire one to do more. Exposure to this world makes you feel as if you’ve traveled to another world.
The biodiversity of the deep was incredible. The pilot Arik and the entire crew make you feel comfortable at 1000ft as if you’re floating at the surface.
Truly inspiring, I will return for more!

© copyright by DeepSee
From the moment the Deep-See staff came to get us they were courteous, solicitous, and helpful, despite pouring rain. They were clear and reassuring about the process and trip plan. Once we boarded, Federico made the experience fun and jovial throughout. He was happy to explain everything he was doing and took a lot of care to make sure we really got to appreciate and understand everything we saw. Truly a bucket-list experience!

Justin Graham
© copyright by DeepSee
We really loved the chance to travel on the DeepSee, getting the experience the the sheer expande of the waters and the seamount around Cocos was awesome. There was much more life at depth than expected. We was many Gellynos fish, eels, and other fish. The view of sharks and other large sea live, silhouetted from below against the blue, was incredible. We would jump at the chance to dive on the DeepSee again!

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