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Fouad & Naheed Baltimore, USA
© copyright by DeepSee
It was creepy to be so far down yet see so much life. You had to be patient and wait for the life to appear. The area looked like another planet. Enjoyed the experience.

Gene & Sandy Schopf Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
© copyright by DeepSee
Federico was our Submarine pilot. He was just excited as we were to see things! We had a great time with him. We saw Jellonose, Batfish, Hammerhead, Mobula rey, different types of Jellyfish. We loved when the lights were out to experience the darkness. The crew also explained what they were doing as the free diver unhooked us from tow boat again as we came back to Argo. We highly recommend taking the submarine trip! Most likely, a once in a lifetime experience.

We enjoyed it thoroughly and highly recommend it. Frederico was as excited to see things as we were! We saw a mobula ray, a hammerhead, jello fish, jellyfish, and a bat fish.

Erhard Christine France
© copyright by DeepSee
It is a fantastic opportunity to go to 300m in the sea. To discover the sea life at this depth. The briefing before was very good, it made me more confident about this incredible trip. The DeepSee team were very friendly and professional. The security process was perfect. I will never forget this experience and I will keep an amazing memories.

Eric Jackson, WY USA
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Very enjoyable and interesting deep sea expereince with several fascinating creatures and light and ocean geography!

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