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Yukako Yokota Tokyo, Japan
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
I’m always curious about the deep underwater world and thought that it’s only for “special” people, such as researchers. This was one of the rare opportunities to experience something that you’ll probably never have the chance to somewhere else, so I decided to try after the onboard presentation.
I was surprised to learn that inside of the submarine it was very comfortable, it felt safe and yet it felt very different from what I have experienced before.
Another surprise for me there was that there were quite a bit of living creatures, even at 300m. Some were very colorful and active.
Now my curiosity is for much deeper underwater world!

Eric & Danielle Adjoubel Switzerland
© copyright by Jose Castro
Nice experience and comfortable trip. Explanation about the workings of the submarine and safety issue were very clear.
The trip experience itself depends on how lucky you are with the various species you encounter. It is somewhat subdued by fact that everything looks smaller from inside the submarine but we liked what we saw. Do not expect many strange creatures although we saw a couple of deep sea fishes.
All in all worth the try.
A big thank you to the submarine team.

Suhd Los Angeles , USA
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
Truly an experience of a lifetime. The orientation was very informative. Arik, David and Moño were all extremely professional, personable and knowledgeable. Scenery was “out of this world”. We saw a Hammerhead feeding, Mobulas buzzing the sub, Jellonose fish, Catfish-like moray (Brotula), Chromis, King crabs, so many amazing things. We even saw an Octopus.
Safety was emphasized and the procedures were followed and well thought out. Communication with the support vessel was constant.
It a while to adjust to the visual aspect of the plexiglass dome viewing area and reflections of light both inside and outside the bubble.
Great trip!!

Jill & David Bauer Fernandina Beach, FL, USA
© copyright by Jose Castro -- DeepSee
This was incredibly well organized. The trip was accurately described and beautifully executed. Arik provided excellent commentary of all technical aspects as well as scientific. His breadth and depth of knowledge as well as his calm friendly demeanor made our trip much more meaningful. He listened to what our interest were and was able to explain the key points that we’ve found most fascinating. The TopSee crew was friendly and efficient as well.
This truly was a once in a lifetime experience.
We were amazed and delighted by the variety of life at such depths.
The world is a big beautiful space.
Thank you for showing us a new little slice!

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