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Kelly Moninger Boulder, Colorado USA
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An experience of a lifetime. I completed both trips, Everest & The Wall. Both adventure were unique & amazing. Both “pilots” were great at the safety briefing & keeping us informed throughout the trip.
Down deep felt like being on the surface of a different planet.
So amazing the creatures (fish & fauna) that I never would
have seen if I hadn’t embarked on this. On the Everest trip, I
was able to see things that could have seen while scuba
diving, how ever they where magical and amazing. I feel
Moño deserves special recognition for his role- placement
and removal and ballasts cover weights, taking photos. He is
Thank you for a once (twice) in a lifetime experience I will
never forget.

A once (twice for me b/c I did both depths) in a lifetime experience that everyone should do. Creatures that I would never see in a recreational dive were pointed out and explained. Fascinating and beautiful as if exploring a moonscape, and also full of life. Incredible

Ed Goodman Boulder, Colorado, USA
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The DeepSee sub is a truely unique experience! We saw all the animals that we might have seen while engaged in scuba but in a more intimate setting and up close and pesonal!

Cindy & Steve
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Our experience on the DeepSee submersible was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we will remember forever. Thank David for being such a good pilot.

Jacklyn Beemer Minnesota, USA
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A bonus not to forget, never regret!!! Two shallow dives- two deep. Deep dive like going back in time. Hammer heads, Whale Shark, Frogfish, Manta Ray, Huge Crab, Galapagos Shark, Mobula that covered the sub, small fish, Corals, another world. Shallow dive the same, Much color and fish, peaceful experience. Every dive is a different adventure of it’s on. JUST DO IT ☺

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