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© copyright by DeepSee
A trip out of time and space where nothing exists but the moment you're living. So interesting to see the different forms of life at 150m and 300m deep. Definetly a unique experience.

Braun Jacques Paris, France
© copyright by Becky Schott
Unique! Magique! Une experience presque indescribtible tant la decouverte des grands fonds , les couleurs, la vie marine surprenante est unique. On change de planete. On est hors du temps. Unique! Magic! An almost indescribable experience as the discovery of the deep sea, the colors, the surprising marine life is unique. We're changing planets. We are out of time. It is an opportunity you cannot miss in your life!!!Magic, unique experience to discover the deep ocean and its’ incredible life. You’re like landing on the Moon! Touchdown at 300 meters deep!

Marc Nahmias
© copyright by DeepSee
How to describe with words such an experience?
An amazing and most of all an emotional trip to the depth of the ocean. Back to the origins, under the sea? On the moon?
Something to do foe sure!
A special thanks to Arik, what a great guy!

Bertrand Champlas Paris, France
© copyright by DeepSee
Magic, very good experience, “moon”.
The staff is available to share their experience.
It’s a must!

Frederic Blanc Marseille, France
© copyright by DeepSee
Amazing experience!
It’s an incredible experience, unique, amazing.
Walking on the moon feeling with professional and friendly submarine team.
Thank you so much for this unbelievable underwater trip!

Becky Kagan Schott Philadelphia, USA
© copyright by Moño
I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of amazing dives in my life, but to dive to 300 meters in a submersible is truly unique. The crew is professional, safe and makes the whole experience incredible. I don’t think this is a once in a lifetime experience for me. It left me wanting for more and feeling like we just explored a place very few humans have gone. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive in a submersible and explore Cocos even more.
Thank you, Federico, Arik and Moño!

Gwen Jestin Paris, France
© copyright by DeeSee
It is a great incredible experience!
I was initially not convinced, but I’m so glad I’ve made it.
Just the feeling you are somewhere you’re not suppose to, 300 meters, and you can still see so many things; the light, the edge of the drop off…
Thank you!

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