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Randall Ubillos San Francisco , CA, USA
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We had been looking forward to our experience on the DeepSee for 4 years, ever since we learned of the Argo; it was definitely worth the wait! Sinking below the waves and watching the light get less and less was amazing. We had a school of mobulas that followed us for pretty much the whole dive which was really fun. Seeing the wall at 1000' with lots of different critters moving around was very special. Our pilot was super knowledgeable about the ocean creatures and the submarine, we learned quite a bit about both. The two hours went by quite quickly and then we broke back through the waves, having completed a once in a lifetime experience. Many thanks to the crew of the DeepSee and the Argo for making it so enjoyable!

Brenda & David Gordon Tacoma, WA, USA
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Arik and Yuval made the submersible trip the most exhilarating and educational. There is no other experience that compares to the images seen through the dome at 1000 ft below the sea. This was an other-worldly, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sandra Olguin Perez Mexico
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Defenetivamente una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. La cual siempre quedara en mi memoria sobre todo la emoción y la sensación que se experimenta al estar en las profundidades del mar donde el ser humano no podría llegar por si solo.
¡Lo volverá a hacer si tengo nuevamente la oportunidad de hacerle!

Renald Thierry Faches Thomesnil, France
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L’etait un rêve, un projet, un realite.
Vivre cette experience, avec mon fils sera unique qui plus est, la vivre avec une equipe qui nous entourait aussi professionnelle a ete remarpuable, exceptionelle.
Merci a vous de nous avoir fait vivre le moment extraordinaire

Kerry Bailey Seattle, USA
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Absolutely incredible experience that cannot be missed.
A once in a lifetime opportunity. Ocean life is amazing at 1000ft.
Yuval was an excellent pilot and very knowledgeable.
Thank you DeepSee for a fantastic experience!

Ruth Henbury Ingatestone, UK
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Words cannot describe how amazing life is 305m below the ocean. I hope with all my heart we take better care of our oceans for the future.

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