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Alessandra Lovegrove Cologne, Germany
© copyright by Jose Castro
A once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the mysterious world of below the ocean’s surface.
Especially for me as a diver, I was curious to discover more of the world underwater.
It was a peaceful trip which widened my horizon.
I would recommend it to everybody.
It is unbelievable!

Sibylle Gerlinger Landsberied, Germany
© copyright by Jose Castro
Did you ever wanted to be live in Discovery or National Geographic TV?
Do a trip with the DeepSee! To go down to 300m with the acrylic capsule above you, which gives you a wide angle panoramic view of depths you will never reach as a diver, is one of the most unique experiences I have ever made!

Gerald Nowak Landsberied/Munich, Germany
© copyright by Jose Castro
The trip to the deep was always a dream for me, to be onboard of the DeepSee was once in a lifetime adventure and it was much more impressive than I thought.
To see the light goes off and the dark of the deep is around you.
Totally different from the feeling as a diver. No pressure, and the safety of the boat. To see the animals on the wall, the deep sea critters I never saw before. Even without seeing a Mobula or a shark, it was an adventure I would have done again. Arik, as our pilot, gave me a very secured feeling and heaps of information during the dive.
Thanks to the team of the Undersea Hunter & the DeepSee!
I will try to come again and do one more dive with you soon.
You are very professional and a great team!

Jose Javier Castellano Pozo Boeblingen/ Germany
© copyright by Jose Castro
It was an unforgotable experience to have the chance with the submarine :). Absolute professional work from the submarine team. We saw spider crabs, Manta and hammerheads. I would like to say also thank you to the submarine crew they are working in a absolute high level.

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