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Beth Ann Andrews Jacksonville, FL USA
© copyright by DeepSee
Wow! What can you say about this experience? Who can say they’ve been to 300m on a sub?
The pilots and the support staff are extremely professional and thorough in their explanations; and so fun to dive with.
I was concerned about feeling claustrophobic, but that was NOT an issue. The cabin feel spacious and open to the sea. It is true that the bubble becomes invisible: you feel as though you are part of the aquatic environment.
It was exciting to hear about the scientific work performed on the DeepSee and to know that my tourist trip helps fund that work.
10/10 would recommend a dive on the DeepSee!

Michaela & Marian Bratislava, Slovakia
© copyright by DeepSee
Everything was excellent!!!
Thank you

Vsetko bolo vyborne!!!
Velmi pekne dakujeme

Sapir Markus Israel
© copyright by DeepSee
Best pilot in the universe!
David, if it could have been possible, I would rather to go back home by the submarine when you are the pilot! Better than any airplane ;)
An experience to embrace for life. Federico! Couldn’t feel in better hands when you are in TopSee together with Monio. The experience is one of a kind. Nothing is similar to the feeling of going deep into our ocean and see it in your eyes. The changes in colors, the different creatures and the surprise of seeing some of the creatures you already know in these depths.

David Carter Vancouver, Canada
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It was a somewhat surreal experience and not at all like I imagined. I would like to thank the whole team for looking after me and making it as enjoyable as possible. The DeepSee is a very impressive piece of equipment as is the team that run the operation.

Estelle Monod Geneva, Switzerland
© copyright by DeepSee
The DeepSee experience is one of a kind. I chose to go to a depth of 300m and loved every minute of the experience. From the immersion, to the descent through the different layers of waters, all the way to the exploration of rocks and marine life in the deep, DeepSee was a fascinating way to experience the sea and provide an insight into a world very few people have ever had a chance to see and explore. After spending time in the deep, the ascent gave us a chance to spot silky sharks in the blue and even a hammerhead shark at 100m! Special thanks to our pilot David as well: his passion for his work and the joy he shows in sharing it with passengers made DeepSee a truly rewarding experience.

Rob Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Attended 80m deep dive. Highlight was being in the middle of a huge school of jacks for minutes.

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