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KUMJIN KIM South Korea
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it was fantastic!!! I was excited already to “ Going dowm to deep” but it was over my expectation. I loved to see the dancing Mobula ray and other fishes. Also I saw one hammer head huting . anyway this is once in a life time opportunity and I think I was lucky to be here.

Nigel Hulbert Chessington, UK
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Very informative and friendly pilot. Excellent briefing. Amazing how much life there is at 1000 feet. A Mobula ray at 162m! Wow

Leonid Baur Herrliberg, Switzerland
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Once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the edge of the light at 300 metres. Strongly recommended.

Jan Corvelyn Aalter, Belgium
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The whole team was really super professional. At no point I was bored or felt insecure!

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