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Gian Paolo Vann San Miniato; Italy
© copyright by Jose Castro
I started to book in advance this trip two years ago. My travel guide told me about the DeepSee. At the beginning I couldn’t fit for the price. I start to work hard and finally I had enough money to have this opportunity.
This is a kind of experience that does not happen every day. Cocos island is not close to Italy, so I was very excited to have this opportunity. Its really one of the best experiences of my life. It was magical. An infinite emotions. Cant wait to be back and tell my family about the crazy time I spent in this wonderful place.
Thank to David the pilot cause he is a really good one. Hope I make a good movie and get some good opportunity to be back in Cocos and dive with the DeepSee into the blue. The best place on heart. Silent. Blue. Dive. Is my life.

Vincenzo Famiglietti Napoli, Italy
© copyright by Jose Castro
That was the most emotional diving experience in my life!!!
To be in the blue and in the dark of the abyss… “the world of silence”.
I will remember this fantastic adventure all my life.

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