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What an unforgettable whirlwind these special expeditions to the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic have been! The Sea Hunter is making a detour from her usual Cocos Island voyages to rendezvous with humpback whales (both adults and baby calves) in the Caribbean.

Captain Gene Flipse of Conscious Breath Adventures has been leading these trips, with two decades of experience swimming with these gentle giants at Silver Bank. He can read the whales’ body language and know just the right time they’ll be most likely to approach. This has given us so many unbelievable in-water encounters with males, females and baby calves over these past weeks.
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

Some of our guests’ favorite encounters have often been with mothers and babies. The mother is usually a little protective of her calf, but the calves are like very curious children -- they want to come up to the snorkelers, circling us and inspecting everyone. Meanwhile, the mother waits patiently below, quiet and attentive. When the mother feels the calf is too close, she calls the baby away.

Other highlights have included seeing 6 male humpbacks swimming behind a single female, jealously fighting over her at a shallow depth of scarcely more than 20ft. And then there was the time that two whales, a male and female, swam in slow close laps around our mothership -- a fascinating whale watching behavior called “mugging”. The female was flirty, sometimes rolling upside down to interact with the boat, while other times they both seemed to be watching us as much as we watched them.
Whalesongs have been another phenomenal element to these voyages. “The whales sing so loud and beautiful, it vibrates throughout your entire body,” remarked Undersea Hunter guide Juan Manuel Camargo. “They often sing upside-down, with their head down and tail up so the sound travels further.” Sometimes they sing so loudly we can hear them from the surface!

The gorgeous Dominican Republic sunsets are another highlight, made even better when accompanied by whales that swim by to visit. We still have spaces available on our March 4 - April 28 trip, so be sure to contact usto get $500 off new bookings!
At-a-glance trip facts:
-These are snorkel only trips- no SCUBA is allowed. You’ll need a wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins.
-You’ll fly into the Dominican Republic. The closest airports are Puerto Plata, POP or Santiago, STI.
-You’ll board on Saturday evening in Puerto Plata and after an overnight crossing, spend Sunday-Friday offshore with the whales.
-There is no upper age limit, but you need to be in good health and comfortable in the water.
-Solo travelers, couples, families, small and large groups are welcome.
-This is an exclusive adventure with limited spaces – possibly the most exclusive whale watching in the world. We offer just 20 spaces per week over a ten-week season. Place your reservation now to reserve your spot!
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