Baby tiger shark discovered at Cocos Island!

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The first recorded sighting of a newborn tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) at Cocos Island in the Eastern Tropical Pacific has led scientists to speculate that the region may potentially be a birthing area for pregnant female tiger sharks.

The news was first published in the Journal of Fish Biology, and stated: "The individual was detected using baited remote underwater video stations (BRUVS). The cameras also detected female individuals potentially pregnant, suggesting that parturition may take place at or near the island. Nonetheless, it is still unclear if the presence of a single neonate is an isolated event or evidence that the species is using the island for reproduction."

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Avi Klapfer of the Undersea Hunter Group, which reported the discovery on its Facebook page, said: 'Indeed this is a very exciting sighting, though it's the only one that we have seen. It does reflect on healthy environments and possibly a shift in nursing ground from nearshore mainland to the island, yet we will need to wait for more evidence of young sharks at Cocos before we call it a definite change.'

The study was part of a research collaboration between scientists from the Ciencias del Mar y Limnología of the University of Costa Rica (CIMAR) and Cocos Island National Park.
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