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DeepSee Expedition

Special Expedition: IMAX Pilot Expedition on the DeepSee Sub

DeepSee has been featured in many films, but now she has crossed over to the big screen, IMAX!!! Check out the above video for a glimpse behind the scenes of an IMAX production.

This expedition to Cocos was led by Greg MacGillivary, from MacGillivary-Freeman IMAX Production California, and their new One Ocean One World Campaign. MacGillivray Freeman Films believes in the power that the giant-screen IMAX Theatre films have to transform how people see and experience their world. Using the finest film technology that exists, MacGillivray Freeman Films aims to inspire, inform, and entertain people of all ages. Through the use of imagery from some of the most extraordinary and remote places on Earth, they hope create a positive and enriching movie experience.

During our 10 day expedition, the filming crew tested new filming opportunities. The incredible views from DeepSee, as well as the terrific lighting system, enabled us to document the diverse and interesting marine life in the deep. In addition to the film crew, we hosted Richard Pyle, a Ph.D Zoologist and famous rebreather diver, to test a different aspect of the operation. Richard, and famous photographer Howard Hall, used the DeepSee as a transporter, to shuttle them to the deep dive sites. Using its state of the art navigation system, they were able to ride the DeepSee to each deep-dive spot quickly and safely.

The M/V ARGO was the natural fit to support this mission. Aside from offering the film crew luxury and comfort, she is uniquely designed to work with the DeepSee sub and technical deep-rebreather-diving. The Undersea Hunter has supported earlier IMAX projects "Island of the sharks" and "Coral Reef Adventure", however this time it was the DeepSee that made a deep impression!
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