Argo Renovations:

New Cabin Construction

MV Argo is currently undergoing a renovation that will give the luxury live aboard an additional cabin. Adjacent to the upstairs lounge the new cabin #9 will have the same fabulous amenities and features of the other Argo cabins. Owners Yosy Naaman and Avi Klapfer collaborated on the design layout and Yosy is actively leading our Puntarenas Galmar team in the renovations. Everything is done by our team at the pier, from the welding and construction of the exterior structure to the custom details of the interior.

The remodeling will be accomplished in two stages. The first stage will be completed in time for the upcoming National Geographic Expedition departing on February 18th. For that expedition, we are custom designing Cabin 9 as a photo lab/work station for the camera and ROV crew (more details on the expedition to follow). The second stage begins immediately after the NatGeo trip returns on February 28th. The GalMar team will transform the space into a state of the art luxury cabin by adding hand-crafted furniture, wall-to-wall carpeting, artwork, a satellite phone and a flat screen TV.

Check back soon as we will try to post photos of all the stages of this operation. We want to give you a behind the scenes look at what goes into the National Geographic expedition preparations, as well as the remodeling.
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