NEW! Diver Locators

© copyright by Avi Klapfer

We have added newly-released and state-of-the-art diver locators made by Nautilus Lifeline. All vessels will be equipped with a full set, one for each diver. The units are tethered to each diver's BCD. When activated, the alarm is triggered aboard our vessel and the specific coordinates of the diver's location are communicated. The Lifeline automatically communicates not just with our own vessels, but with every modern marine VHF radio within a 12-mile range.

These units also transmit the Marine International Distress Signal that is monitored by all ships and coast guard vessels.

 This is a revolutionary diver locator device: it has taken existing technology (VHF radio GPS) and custom-designed it specifically for scuba divers.

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© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer

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