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Eric and Karen in the DeepSee Sub
We recently had the pleasure of hosting a world-traveling duo that is currently on the 5th year of their Trans-Americas Journey. Since they began their adventure in 2006, photographer Eric Mohl and journalist Karen Catchpole have explored 10 countries and shared these experiences and insights with readers via their blog and freelance work in major travel magazines and newspapers.

In their 2007 Classic 2500 Diesel Silverado they've covered thousands of miles across North America, Central America and South America searching for people, places and things that make each place unique. Did we mention they are very accomplished scuba divers to boot?

They joined us on the Argo April 4-14th 2012 trip to Cocos Island and while we know they've had many adventures all over the world... we like to think we gave them a run for their money in Cocos... what do you think?

During their week with us they went down in the DeepSee Submarine, witnessed whitetip reef sharks mating, dove alongside a tiger shark, sat back and relaxed at a cleaning station watching dozens of hammerheads, and saw the holy grail of diving: a bait ball! We look forward to reading more about their trip to Cocos Island and we highly recommend checking out their blog.

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