Gourmet Galley: Meet

MV Sea Hunter Chef Luis

Entering his 8th year with the Undersea Hunter Group, Chef Luis and his support team, Chefs Assistant Pablo and Waiter Roberto, create delicious and inventive meals. Before a cruise departure, Chef Luis hand-picks and then controls every food item chosen for the trip. He formulates his menu for the week based on those premium ingredients and on the dietary requirements of the passengers.

The level of organization and creativity, and the broad range of cooking styles have earned him a reputation amongst guests for consistently providing deliciously diverse and healthy food options. Even with the challenges of cooking aboard a moving kitchen with limited space, Chef Luis and his team turn out wonderful, plentiful meals. They do this, all while maintaining the highest level of workmanship and sanitation. Luis and his team are a shining example of preparedness, ingenuity, and teamwork.

Check out the Slideshow to see Chef Luis and his team in action:

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