DeepSee Sub Discovers

New Family of Coral

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Aquaumbra klapferi

It's not every day that a new species is discovered, let alone a completely new family. But that is exactly what happened when scientists from the Universtiy of Costa Rica (UCR) used the DeepSee Sub to explore the deep waters off Cocos Island.
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
DeepSee Submersible at Cocos Island, Costa Rica
The new deep water family is Aquaumbridae, and its first member was named Aquaumbra klapferi in honor of the Undersea Hunter Group's founder Avi Klapfer. For years Dr. Odalisca Breedy and her team of researchers from UCR's CIMAR department have been utilizing the DeepSee Submersible to research soft corals.

Their dedication paid off when after years of exploration and research, their findings were officially published in the September 2012 Vol.10, Iss.3 of the Systematics and Biodiversity Journal. The DeepSee team worked closely with researchers Breedy, van Ofwegenc, and Vargas on this incredible find. Watch the video (on right) to hear Dr. Breedy explain the importance of the continuation of using the DeepSee in discovering new species.

Regardless of who is on board the DeepSee, from curious guests and professional photographers to IMAX video crews and Cocos Island Park Rangers, the crew of DeepSee records and shares everything seen on the dives with the CIMAR team. Supporting scientific research, as well as providing a fantastic deep sea experience for our guests, is the backbone of the DeepSee Submersible's mission.
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