MV Argo's Galley Crew

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Chico, Chako, and Cholo

We know that after an exhilarating day of diving, what makes a great experience truly exceptional is the food and service you receive on board. This month we highlight three very special MV Argo crew members. Chef Chico, Assistant Chef Chako and Steward Cholo form the dynamic team that consistently exceeds our guests' dining and hospitality needs.
Leading the team is Chef Chico, who has worked with the Undersea Hunter Group for 8 years. Chico got his start cooking in restaurants and hotels that cater special events. It was his stellar work catering an Undersea Hunter Group holiday party that caught our attention, and soon after he joined our team he was appointed head chef of MV Sea Hunter. After 5 years with that vessel, Chico was asked to lead the galley of our newest and most luxurious vessel, MV Argo.

Chico isn't one to seek out the spotlight or boast about his delicious meals. Making sure that the food is hot, delicious, and on time is his top priority. Working in a small confined space with a calculated quantity of food, and abiding to a strict schedule for every meal and post-dive snack isn’t easy. Even so, Chef Chico relishes the chance to be at sea, in an ever changing setting, alongside his fellow galley-mates Chako and Cholo.

Chef Chico’s right hand man is Assistant Chef Isacar "Chako" Rojas Mora, who just completed his first year on MV Argo. Before joining the Argo team, Chako spent 3 years working at our GalMar Pier in Puntarenas. His natural talent, drive and determination earned him the position of Assistant Chef. Chako is assigned specific tasks by Chef Chico, such as preparing salads, fruit platters, and other meal prep as needed. He hopes to one day become head chef or steward on one of the Undersea Hunter vessels.

The veteran member of the trio is Javier "Cholo" Ramirez has been the Steward of MV Argo for 3 years, and before that, he was the steward of MV Sea Hunter for 9 years. Cholo is the vital link between guests and the galley; he anticipates the needs of the guests, and ensures they have exactly the type of food they want. Guest say that Cholo has a 6th sense for knowing what they want, even before they do. His ability to get to learn the habits and preferences of each passenger makes every guest feel catered to.

We hope you have the opportunity to join us on MV Argo and experience the difference these three remarkable crew members make in your live-aboard diving experience.

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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Chef Chico
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Asssistant Chef Chako
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Steward Cholo

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