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Trip of a Lifetime

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On the November 21 – December 1 2012 trip to Cocos Island we had the honor of hosting one of the 2012 Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society Winners, Miss Yoland Bosiger. Through the scholarship, Yoland was awarded a yearlong opportunity to work along side current leaders in the underwater field. So ask yourself… If you had the chance to go anywhere, do anything, wouldn’t you do exactly what Yoland did and dive Cocos Island?

Here's what Yoland had to say about her adventure:
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© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
My trip on the Hunter Group at Isla Del Coco was sensational. The combination of stunning diving, incredible diving facilities and highly knowledgeable crew made the trip one of the best and most enjoyable experiences I have had this year.

Highly regarded for high abundances of sharks, Cocos Island did not disappoint. We saw over 200 schooling hammerhead sharks and were lucky enough to see silvertip sharks, silky sharks and Galapagos sharks. We even got to dive at night with huge (50+) schools of feeding whitetip sharks that have learned to forage using diver torch light– epic!! One of the most exiting parts of the trip was going down in the DeepSee Submersible to explore the deep sea around Cocos. During my 300 m decent, I was able to see deep sea jellynose fish that grow up to 2 m and many different types of deep-water corals. Even today, we know so little about the bathypelagic zone, an area between 100-400m deep, and I am truly honored to have been given the opportunity to explore it.

Having Avi Klapfer, owner of the Undersea Hunter Group on board the ship was also a real treat. Avi has a truly incredible list of accomplishments and yet if you didn’t ask him, you might not know it! I was so impressed by Avi’s humble and down to earth attitude during the trip and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his stories. Having worked at the Cocos Island for over 20 years, Avi knows so much about the island, from its pirate history to issues surrounding conservation of marine life. By using Undersea Hunter boats as a platform for filmmakers to shoot their documentaries, Avi has been actively exposing conservation issues at the Cocos Islands to the world. It is this public awareness that essentially plays a massive role in protecting the Cocos Island from illegal shark fishing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the Cocos Islands and came away feeling so much more knowledgeable about the region. I am excited to share my experiences on the Sea Hunter through my scholarship blog and with anyone who would like to hear about the Cocos.

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