Safety First - Part I

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Safety Officer
As the Company Safety Officer, Nelson Diaz strives to ensure that all areas of your live aboard dive experience are executed at the highest level of safety. With many years of experience as Captain of the Undersea Hunter and Sea Hunter, Nelson is constantly working to prepare, train, and supervise all facets of the Undersea Hunter Group’s emergency training and preparedness procedures. Click here to read more about our Safety Procedures.
The captains of each vessel, as well as the crew are responsible for mastering the International Maritime Organization’s categories of safety:
  • Firefighting and Fire Prevention
  • Survival at Sea Techniques
  • CPR
  • Personal Security and Social Responsibility
The Certification is granted when a crew member has successfully completed each of the above categories and has passed a health and wellness check. The IMO certification represents just a fraction of the safety measures that are integrated into every facet of the trip.
Training Exercises
The slideshow below illustrates the on-board tools we use to enhance safety measures. It also shows the many training exercises we undertake to ensure our crew is prepared and ready to respond in the most effective way. Preparation and training are the best tools we have in ensuring the safest experience possible.

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