Ecological Kids Camp at Matambu Natural Reserve

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
On June 13, our Dive Guide, Juan Manuel Camargo, our Travel Agent Provider, Jorge Montero from Top Travel, and our reservations specialist Lisa Povedano, were honored to attend this Ecological Kids Camp in the Puntarenas Natural Reserve and Biological Corridor of Matambu, in what was a day long wonderful experience right in the middle of this lush natural reserve with the longest creek running right through it.

Undersea Hunter was invited by Ana Lorena Orozco, a representative of the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica, to give a talk about Hammerhead Sharks to kids from 2nd to 5th grade, who had won the conservation contest on each of their schools from the Puntarenas Province that surrounds this biological corridor. The camp consisted of fun, ecology related activities for the kids and several talks during this 3 day camp on different topics concerning conservation and biological corridors, from ONGs as Marviva, to the Costarican National Forest Firefighters, Cocos Island Park Administrator and Park Ranger, Geiner Golfin, and Undersea Hunter as a sustainable touristic marine operator, among others.

Our topic was the Tropical East Pacific marine corridor of hammerhead sharks, popularly known as the “Hammerhead Triangle”, which connects three marine worldwide heritage sites in a triangle formation: Cocos Island in Costa Rica, Malpelo in Colombia and Galapagos in Ecuador. This marine corridor also includes the coastal areas of Coiba in Panama and the Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica, which are the nurseries for Hammerhead Sharks, turtles and other reef sharks so vital for marine ecosystems.

Our always enthusiastic and with outstanding theatrical skills, Juan Manuel Camargo, was certainly the star of the day by dressing up as a hammerhead shark, getting into character and mesmerizing kids with the underwater life of hammerheads and all the fun characteristics that make them the fantastic shark that they are. Lisa Povedano I made the introduction to the touristic platform for scuba divers at Cocos Island with Undersea Hunter, and how we make the dreams come true for our passengers of taking them scuba diving to this pristine and remote island, that they had dreamt of for so long or that they can’t keep themselves from visiting often, due to its always present and magnificently wild marine life.

Geiner Golfin assisted in great fashion providing kids with all sorts of fun facts and the three ocean lovers (Juan Manuel, Geiner and Lisa) made a great team, wrapping kids minds around the intrinsic team work that is weaved between the park ranger that looks after the island, the dive guide that takes tourists to dive with hammerheads, and the touristic platform that makes all this possible in a nice ensemble of sustainable tourism, while we highlighted the importance of conservation in the process.

We raffled 4 allegorical waterproof stuffed animals, a shark, dolphin, sea lion, and a turtle among the kids that participated the most in our talk and also left them prints of cartoonish hammerheads for them to color and to take home to remember our hammerhead character by.

Juan Manuel was also kind enough to allow to be dressed up as Toño el Pizote (Costa Rican version of Smokey the Bear) for a whole hour in the hottest heat for the Forest Firefighters activities, and the kids of course loved it.

We are very grateful for having attended this activity with Top Travel that not only sponsored the transfer but were as keen as us on the topic of conservation, being themselves a sustainable touristic travel agent operator in Costa Rica.

The talk was greeted with lots of enthusiasm, the kids loved it, we loved it, and it was hard to say who was more thrilled by it – the speakers or the kids. Our team went back home with hearts full of positivity and hope that the future of oceans are certainly planted on the hearts and minds of kids like this.

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