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August 2020
#DiveSafe, Dive Cocos | Safety COVID-19 Protocols
#DiveSafe, Dive Cocos | Safety COVID-19 Protocols
December 2020
Undersea Hunter Celebrates 30 Years!
This year marks Undersea Hunter’s 30th anniversary diving Cocos Island. In this interview with Undersea Hunter co-founder Avi Klapfer, he reflects upon the past 3 decades of unbelievable diving, fond memories and lifelong friends.
June 2020
Costa Rica Blue: The Underwater Guide
What does a person do with 30 years worth of photography from the sharkiest place on Earth? They put together a 340-page guidebook. That is just what Avi Klapfer has done with his spectacular photo archive from Cocos Island.
October 2019
Special Expedition Mission Blue to Galapagos
This special expedition was a joint project by Mission Blue foundation led by Sylvia Earle, oceanographer pioneer that needs no introducing, and Kip Evans, Ocean First foundation led by Seth Casden and scientists from the Charles Darwin Foundation.
April 2019
Nat Geo Special Expedition to Osa Peninsula!
We’re just back from an exciting 20-day expedition with the National Geographic Pristine Seas team, led by Enric Sala and Paul Rose! In 20 days we completed 360 scuba dives, 27 submarine dives, 169 pelagic camera deployments, 27 deep-sea camera drops. It doesn’t get more productive than that!
September 2020
Featured Photographer | Shmulik Blum | Cocos Island 2020 |
Cocos Island is on FIRE with hammerheads! Today's featured photographer is Shmulik Blum, DeepSee Chief Pilot and co-owner with over 15 years of experience diving Cocos Island ...
January 2016
DeepSee May Have Uncovered New Shark Species on Galápagos Nat Geo Expedition
The DeepSee is back from an epic expedition to the Galapágos Islands, after hosting the Pristine Seas Project led by Dr.Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence.
June 2019
Exclusive HUMPBACK WHALE expedition | Silver Bank 2020
If you have ever dreamt of looking a colossal humpback whale eye-to-eye, now is your chance. Join us on one of our exclusive back-to-back snorkel expeditions to the Silver Bank, January to April 2020!
September 2018
PHOTO CONTEST! Win a Trip to Cocos Island!
Share your photography skills and hashtag #DiveWild to WIN!!! Each month we will be giving out a free Costa Rica Blue guidebook, ending with 1 free trip to Cocos Island!
June 2018
Ecological Kids Camp at Matambu Natural Reserve
Last June 13, our Dive Guide, Juan Manuel Camargo, our Travel Agent Provider, Jorge Montero from Top Travel, and our reservations specialist Lisa Povedano, were honored to attend this Ecological Kids Camp in the Puntarenas Natural Reserve and Biological Corridor of Matambu.
May 2018
April 28, 2018 Incident at Cocos Island
With this statement, Undersea Hunter would like to provide information about an incident that took place recently at Cocos Island on April 28, 2018.
May 2018
Now Accepting Dive Travel Award Nominations!
It’s that time of year again! Time to nominate your favorite destinations and liveaboards for DIVE Magazine’s annual travel awards.
April 2018
Save $1200 May 26-June 5 at Cocos Island!
Cocos is calling! Book now while there is still space. Email for more info.
September 2017
La Niña Watch in Effect for 2017-2018!
According to the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, a La Niña watch is officially in effect. Experts report an increasing chance (~55-60%) of La Niña during the Northern Hemisphere fall and winter 2017-18. Plan ahead and book your space now!
January 2017
Photo Contest Winner Announced!
The winner of this year's Underwater Photography Guide photo contest has been announced. The prize? A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cocos Island with the Undersea Hunter Group!
September 2016
Win a Trip to Cocos Island!
Underwater Photography Guide's Ocean Art photo contest is now accepting entries. Submit your best photo for your chance to win a trip with Undersea Hunter Group to Cocos Island!
July 2016
Farewell, Good Ship & Old Friend
This week we bade farewell to one of our three iconic liveaboard ships – the Undersea Hunter. This trustworthy vessel was the very first of our fleet, and she’d been with us for over 26 years.
May 2016
Celebrate La Niña at Cocos Island with a BIG Discount!
We're expecting La Niña to hit the Eastern Pacific hard this year, bringing lots of cold currents, nutrient-rich water and big pelagics to Cocos Island. Book now and enjoy $1000 off select trips.
May 2016
Special Expedition: Searching For Cancer Cures in the Ocean
The Undersea Hunter just returned from another special research expedition with Pharmamar, a bio-pharmaceutical company dedicated to searching for cancer cures in the deep sea.
April 2016
DeepSee Special Expedition Trip Report: Clipperton & Socorro
April 2016
National Geographic Expedition to Socorro & Revillagigedo Archipelago
March 2016
The Argo Goes to Clipperton with Nat Geo
National Geographic just finished up their journey to Clipperton Island on the Argo, and the expedition was a huge success. Here is the trip report straight from the log of our lead dive officer, Federico Pochet.
March 2016
Spanish Research Team Looks to the Ocean for Potential Cancer Cures
Could a cure for cancer lie at the bottom of the ocean? This month we took a Spanish research group to Cocos Island, along with certain spots along Costa Rica's coastline, in a quest to find marine molecules that could lead to potential cures for cancer.
February 2016
Boot Tauchen 2016: Success!
The 2016 Boot Tauchen was a huge success! We met with countless divers and tour operators to share (and show off!) the best of the best that Cocos Island has to offer.
January 2016
Nat Geo Expedition to the Galápagos Islands!
Just in time to ring in the New Year, the Argo returned from a 20-day chartered voyage to the Galápagos Islands with National Geographic! This special expedition was led by Enric Sala of the Pristine Seas project. His goal was simple: to examine and document the biomass of this marine treasure.
September 2015
10 Whale Shark Sightings & A Tiger Almost Eats a Bird!
We had an incredible 10 whale shark sightings on our last trip to Cocos Island! Not to mention we got to watch a tiger shark try to hunt down a baby booby. Check out the videos! Thanks to our dive guide Felipe Chacon Rodriguez for both filming and editing these.
July 2015
DeepSee Celebrates 10th Year!
The DeepSee celebrates its 10th birthday at Cocos Island! Click through to read all about the past decade of deep underwater exploration.
June 2015
Shark Land
A few months ago, the Undersea Hunter Group took a boat filled with ocean conservationists and celebrities out to Cocos Island. Here's what happened.
May 2015
Undersea Hunter divers got a chance to be heroes last week at Cocos Island, when they stumbled across a gigantic manta ray tangled up in a mess of dangerous fishing line. Divemaster Brayan cut the manta free with a diving knife, and the manta was able to continue along its merry way unhindered. Way to go!!!!
January 2015
On our last Undersea Hunter trip to Cocos Island on the Argo vessel our divers saw not one, but TWO frogfish at Manuelita Coral Gardens dive site. This is pretty rare, as this species is known for being a loner that live a solitary life (frogfish are somewhat antisocial creatures that almost never travel in groups). Watch the video to learn more about the Commerson's frogfish species you can find at Cocos Island, Costa Rica.
September 2014
Orcas in Cocos Island - September 2014
Imagine the thrill of a normal dive in Cocos Island... and then imagine the addition of a pod of Orcas!That is exactly what happened for guests on the MV Sea Hunter trip to Cocos Island the first week of September. Check out the incredible video....
March 2014
Argo and DeepSee's Expedition to the Revillagigedo Archipelago
The archipelago includes 3 relatively new volcanoes, the biggest is Socorro, then San Benedicto and the smallest which is barely breaking the surface, named Roca Partida. Our voyage started on the 3rd of March in Mazatlan, Mexico. It was here that MV Argo and crew team up with our dear and long time friend, Manuel Lazcano.
February 2014
Argo is in MEXICO
Images of MV Argo and crew as they carry out an annual drydock maintenance in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico. As soon as the maintenance is complete, MV Argo heads to Socorro Island for a private charter expedition.
January 2014
Amos Nachoum's Costa Rica Dome Expedition
Check out the Expedition Highlights from Amos Nachoum's Costa Rica Dome Expedition to snorkel and free dive with blue whales! Utilizing MV Argo, the trip spanned 14 days and travel roughly 500m west of Costa Rica. It is in this spot, nicknamed the "blue whale café", that blue whales...
November 2013
Deploying Marker Buoys
MV Undersea Hunter and crew traveled to the Gulf of Nicoya to deploy marker buoys. The buoys will mark areas that have been established as protected fishing zones. Check out some photos from the event...
November 2013
DEMA Dive Show 2013
We've been waiting all year to see your smiling faces at the DEMA Dive Show. Stop by our booth #2039 and find out how your dive shop, agency, or dive group can work with us to ensure the ultimate liveaboard dive opportunities to Cocos Island and beyond!
August 2013
Safety First - Part II
In Part I of our Safety First story, we showed how Safety Officer Nelson Diaz lead the crew of Undersea Hunter Group’s vessels through their emergency training and preparedness procedures. This past July, Nelson lead another 2-day training re-certifying older crew and certifying the newest.
June 2013
Undersea Hunter Supports Joint University Research
Scientists from the University of Michigan and Costa Rica's Inbio Parque went on a sampling expedition aboard MV Undersea Hunter to Cocos Island, Costa Rica. The expedition focused on collecting, analyzing, and documenting cyanobacteria.
February 2013
National Geographic Desventuradas Expedition
MV Argo and the DeepSee Submersible are in Chile supporting the Desventuradas Expedition lead by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala. This Pristine Seas expedition consists of a team of scientists and filmmakers...
February 2013
Pharmamar Research Trip
MV Undersea Hunter has embarked on a trip to Cocos Island with the tech divers and research team from Pharmamar. They will be sampling and studying the macro-organisms, especially sponges, to support the discovery of innovative drugs with anti-tumor activity.
January 2013
MV Argo's Galley Crew
This month we are highlighting the incredible trio from MV Argo's Galley... Chef Francisco "Chico" Mora Picado, Chef's Assistant Isacar "Chaco" Rojas Mora, and Steward Javier "Cholo" Ramierez, otherwise known as Chico, Chaco, and Cholo.
December 2012
Winning the Trip of a Lifetime
We had the honor of hosting one of the 2012 Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society Winners, Miss Yoland Bosiger, on the November 21 – December 1 2012 trip to Cocos Island. The scholarship awards the winners a yearlong opportunity to work along side current leaders in the underwater field. Read all about Yoland's adventures.
November 2012
Check out images from the 2012 DEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, USA
October 2012
A Cocos Island Halloween
Check out the spookier side of Cocos Island...
October 2012
Meet Skiff Driver: Roy Mora Cordoba
This month we are very proud to highlight the hard work and dedication of Undersea Hunter's skiff driver, dive master, and ocean hero, Roy Mora Cordoba.
September 2012
DeepSee Sub Discovers New Family of Coral
September 2012
National Geographic Seamount Expedition
National Geographic Seamount Expedition with MV Argo & the DeepSee Submersible: Click here to read the full Expedition Story including photos, videos, testimonials, blogs, and an in-the-field report from Sub Pilot/Owner Shmulik Bloom.
August 2012
Mating Marble Rays!
Check out the incredible footage of mating marble rays captured by our Cruise Director Federico Pochet during the MV Sea Hunter Trip to Cocos Island from July 26 - August 4th 2012.
July 2012
UCR-UNA COCO-VI Expedition
Check out the latest research trip from UCR and UNA from the July 6-18 2012 trip on Undersea Hunter.
June 2012
Hammerhead Shark USB
Introducing the newest addition to the Undersea Hunter Group's Boutique... the Hammerhead USB Shark! This little shark is more than just a souvenir from Cocos Island, it is also a USB Flash Drive! Currently the Hammerheads are only available for purchase on our vessels...
May 2012
DeepSee Exploration trip to Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica
Adventure, Exploration, & Scientific Research! Three of our favorite things all happened during our Expedition to Golfo Dulce. MV Undersea Hunter and the DeepSee Subersible departed on May 11th for a 7 day special research trip with the University of Costa Rica's CIMAR - Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología to Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica.
April 2012
Turtle Tagging Expedition
It was another successful trip for the Sea Turtle Restoration groups PRETOMA and STRP. Lead by Randall Arauz, the President of PRETOMA and Todd Steiner, the Executive Director of STRP, they tagged two green sea turtles, securing both with satellite tags. .
April 2012
Bloggers On Board!
We recently had the pleasure to welcome on board a world traveling duo that is currently on the 5th year of the mother of all road trips, The Trans-Americas Journey. Did we mention they are very accomplished scuba divers to boot?
April 2012
DeepSee Discovers Rare Pelagic Octopus
We have just confirmed with Senior Scientist Bruce H. Robison from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute that the translucent octopus discovered in the DeepSee Sub last week in fact a very rare deep water pelagic octopus...
March 2012
UCR-UNA COCO-V Expedition
MV Sea Hunter Expedition with a team of biologists, oceanographers, physicists, chemists, taxonomists,historians, meteorologists, microbiologists, economists from the University of Costa Rica, the National University of Costa Rica, The Research Center for Marine Sciences and Limnology (CIMAR), and The International Center for Economic Policy for Sustainable Development (CINPE).
March 2012
Smithsonian Expedition
Just after returning from Las Gemelas Seamount, the DeepSee Submersible is on another exciting expedition. This time we are headed to Coiba National Park, located off the southwest coast of Panama. Mission Blue is embarking on this expedition to emphasize the importance of Coiba’s protection and to support the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution.
February 2012
Argo Renovations: New Cabin Construction
MV Argo is currently undergoing a renovation that will give the luxury live aboard an additional cabin. Adjacent to the upstairs lounge the new cabin #9 will have the same fabulous amenities and features of the other Argo cabins.
January 2012
Responsible Seafood Selections
The principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility are matters of supreme importance to us as a company, and extend to all aspects of our mission and operations. For this reason, we want to address a question often raised by our guests: Where does the fish we serve on board come from?
January 2012
408 Whitetips and Counting...
Biologists from Misión Tiburón, a Costa Rica based NGO dedicated to shark conservation, are currently in the second year of a five-year shark population project. Their goal is to study the whitetip reef shark population at Cocos Island in order to understand the sharks' behavior, distribution, and habitat.
December 2011
NEW! Diver Locators
We have added newly-released and state-of-the-art diver locators made by Nautilus Lifeline. Each of our vessels will now have a full set, one for each diver.
December 2011
Special IMAX & DeepSee Expedition
The DeepSee has been featured in many films, but now she has crossed over to the big screen, IMAX!!! This expedition to Cocos was led by Greg MacGillivary, from MacGillivary-Freeman IMAX Production California, and their new One Ocean One World Campaign.
October 2011
New Dive Officer, Edwar Herreño
After a seven year career as a dive master and cruise director for the Undersea Hunter Group, Edwar Herreno has begun working as our Head Dive Officer. Based at our pier in Puntarenas, Edwar is responsible for managing the dive masters, captains, and crew, as well as supporting all the dive equipment and maintenance. As a professional videographer and photographer Edwar also support the Cruise Directors video editing needs. So keep an eye out for all the new videos being posted on our YouTube Channel and here on our Video Gallery.
February 2011
Zero Speed Stabilizers
All of our vessels are now outfitted with Zero Speed Stabilizers. The dual stabilizers dramatically reduce roll motion while anchored at Cocos Island. The inverted pyramid-shaped stabilizers are suspended on either side of the boat on outriggers and then dropped 15ft/4.5m under the water...
October 2011
2011 DEMA Show
DEMA Show 2011 is the only international trade-only event for the diving, action water sports and travel industries. This year it took place in Orlando, FL Nov. 2-5 and as always we enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and making new friends as well.
August 2011
Meet International Sales Manager, Alan Steenstrup
Alan has been described as “a master of logistics”, “the type of guy that can find a solution to any problem”, and as "having the ability to bring a sense of humor to any situation”. Alan Steenstrup has worked as the International Sales Manager for the Undersea Hunter Group for 16 years. He organizes and supports special customers and projects such as conservation groups, scientific research expeditions, film making projects, private charters, and news organizations.
June 2011
MV Argo and DeepSee Support the UCR/UNA Cocos IV Expedition
The trip departed June 28th on the Argo, with the DeepSee Sub aboard and ready for use. In order to facilitate the trip, the Argo was outfitted with a portable weather station, lab, and additional equipment used for taking samples.
June 2011
Gourmet Galley: Meet MV Sea Hunter Chef Luis
Entering his 8th year with the Undersea Hunter Group, Chef Luis and his support team, Chefs Assistant Pablo and Waiter Roberto, create delicious and inventive meals. Before ...
June 2011
New Crab Species Discovered at Cocos Island
The new species, called Johngarthia Cocoensis, was discovered on the island by researchers Robert Perger and Rita Vargas of the University of Costa Rica and Adam Wall of ...
May 2011
Safety First - Part I
Safety Officer As the Company Safety Officer, Nelson Diaz strives to ensure that all areas of your live aboard dive experience are executed at the highest level of safety. With many years of experience as captain of the Undersea Hunter and Sea Hunter he is constantly working to prepare, train, and supervise all facets of the Undersea Hunter Group’s emergency training and preparedness procedures. Click here to read more about our Safety Procedures.
April 2011
Uncharted Waters: The South Side of Cocos Island
As the Company Safety Officer, Nelson Diaz strives to ensure that all areas of your live aboard dive experience are executed at the highest level of safety. With many years of experience as captain of the Undersea Hunter and Sea Hunter he is constantly working to prepare, train, and supervise all facets of the Undersea Hunter Group’s emergency training and preparedness procedures. Click here to read more about our Safety Procedures.
March 2011
MV Undersea Hunter Supporting UCR/UNA´s Coco III Expedition
The UCR-UNA Coco III expedition departed March 26th aboard the Undersea Hunter. In order to facilitate the trip, the Undersea Hunter was outfitted with a portable weather ...
March 2011
The DivEncounters Alliance
We are now part of a new alliance that brings together the world's top live-aboard diving companies.
February 2011
MV Sea Hunter's New Suites
Here are the newest photos direct from our pier in Puntarenas of the M/V Sea Hunter's remodel. We have added two new suites to the upper deck. The addition created a slight ...
November 2010
abc* Foundation's Trip to Cocos Island
MV Argo played host to Nicolas Ibargüen, from the abc* Foundation, and a special group of his invited guests, including National Geographic's Sylvia Earle and Enric Sala. The abc* Foundation and its community strive to bring the world a step closer to restoring oceans to their full productivity.
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