Rental Gear Prices

Per Day 7 Days Per Extra Day
Regulator 1st stage SCUBAPRO
2nd stage SCUBAPRO
10 US$ 56 US$ 8 US$
BC We offer SCUBAPRO BCs in different sizes 10 US$ 56 US$ 8 US$
Wetsuit 7 mm SCUBAPRO 10 US$ 56 US$ 8 US$
Nitrox Dive Computer With these Aladin computers you can set your breathing mix from air 21% to nitrox 50% in 1% increments. 17 US$ 95 US$ 14 US$
Dive Light 7 US$ 40 US$ 6 US$
15 Liter Steel Tanks We have a limited supply of 15 Liter steel tanks, if you would like to rent one, make sure to reserve it well ahead of time. 12 US$ 84 US$ 12 US$
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