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Hammerhead activity picked up dramatically toward the end of our diving week with up to 300+ Hammerhead Sharks in Alcyone. Dirty Rock presented some impressive numbers as well as some beefy Galapagos Sharks. Mating Marbled Rays at dusk at Isla Ulloa.
Dive Conditions
Water temp a solid 78°F / 26°C without a sign of the refreshing thermocline. Visibility in the 60ft / 18m range for all dive sites. Currents light to moderate from various directions.
Weather Conditions
Upon arrival in Cocos Island, the weather changed and we enjoyed lots of sun for the first 4 days. The remaining 3 days on the island were mixed with more rain and less sun. Calm surface conditions all around.
Both crossings on this expedition were kind of bumpy, even coming back to mainland Costa Rica. Additionally to getting wet from the ocean, it rained a lot from above...!

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