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© copyright by S. Katsir
© copyright by s.katsir

Galapagos Sharks, Dolphins, and a Whale Shark! What a week!
Lots of movement and action at the Island this week- from cold water moving up through the thermocline, to dolphin encounters and countless galapagos shark sightings. We also had large schools of eagle rays and even a whale shark. The hammerhead action in the cleaning stations at Manuelita and Alcyone were a bit slow, but Dos Amigos Pequeno was the best place to see big and close schools of hammers.

We have also been noticing an increase in the number of rays. Eagles, mantas, and marble rays were everywhere. On our dives to Dos Amigos Pequeno we encountered up to 7 eagle rays swimming together close to the the school of hammerhead.
Whale Sharks & Dolphins
The whale shark came at the very end of our dive to Dos Amigos Grande. We had just finished our safety stop, and as we watch a silky shark curiously checking us out, the whale shark swam up to say hello. It was a quick visit, but unforgettable! Both groups got to swim with dolphins, as they were playing and hunting near Dos Amigos for a few days - check out the video below. Mirco, one of our guests, took this with his GoPro camera.

Galapagos Sharks
One of the most exciting and thrilling dives happened in Manuelita Coral Garden. We had just made our way through the Channel and into the Coral Garden when we saw a frogfish, then a turtle, and then......1 Galapagos shark... 2 Galapagos shark.... 3 galapagos shark...and then all of a sudden there were 6-7 Galapagos shark circling us. They continued to circle us for 6 minutes (confirmed by my computer), and with each pass they were getting closer and closer! Sadly, we were running low on air, and had to make the first move. We cruised along the bottom until we reached a large rock, and then all surfaced using the rock. Once we surfaced the sharks had left. WOW, what an amazing encounter.

Thermoclines were present at Punta Maria, Dirty Rock, Manuelita Channel, and Alcyone. The thermocline at Alcyone was right at one of our favorite hammerhead viewing mounts (32m/104ft), and at this depth our computers displayed 20°C/69°F. So chilly that we even saw a school of bigeye catalufa. This fish prefers deeper cooler water. We typically only get to see them from the DeepSee submersible, so this was a nice reward for enduring the chilly water. The crossing to Puntarenas was incredibly smooth, we were making such good time that we stopped mid crossing to swim in the ocean. To see all the photos from this trip please visit our facebook page.
© copyright by S. Katsir
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

Dive Conditions
Visibility   50 ft / 15 m
Water Temp.   77°F / 25°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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