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This trip our guests mostly came from Germany, with the addition of a couple from Austria, Switzerland and a gentleman from Israel. The trip was organized by the German dive magazine “Schoener Tauchen” and its famous underwater video editor Peter Loeseke.

We met the huge female tiger (6m) on the first day in Manuelita channel, but we also saw lots of small stuff like blue and gold snappers, leather bass, and even a few goat fish were swimming curiously amongst the group. Over at Alcyone we had 20m viz and a nice crowded site of hammerheads. Huge walls of hammerheads surrounded us above, and we also had beautiful cleaning station action right in front of us, thanks to the King Angel fish and smiling hunting yellow fin tunas, this was quite an unforgettable dive.

Small Dos Amigos gave us a nice surprise, as this site has been very quiet as of late, with tons of hammerheads shooting through the water, coming up from down below to dock into the cleaning stations and this was such a thrill!

The whitetip reef sharks at Ulloa had quite the feeding frenzy, coming very close to the hunting action level over at the popular Manuelita Coral Garden night dive.

The Galapagos sharks were very busy at Manuelita Outside and Punta Maria, where we encountered 5 big Galapagos and a big blacktip shark. The smaller male tiger shark (3.50m) showed in the Channel, and this time he was a curious and confident male which wasn't impressed at all with the noise and bubbles exhaled by the group. and we wrapped up our final day in Cocos with another breathtaking/showstopping dive at Alcyone.

All in all a great trip, very nice passengers to work with, excellent dives and a great ship and crew to be with. Everyone returned to shore with big smiles, incredible memories and hard-drives full of awesome pictures and videos :) - Cruise Director Pius and Dive Guides Jim and JP
Hammerhead Population Report
Early in the year the pregnant hammerheads migrate into coastal areas, like the Golfo Dulce, to give birth. After this migration we see them return with their young, schooling further off in the more open waters in front of our dive sites. For the past couple of months we started seeing schools of hammerheads (with juveniles) displaying more confident behavior bringing them closer and closer to the cleaning stations around Manuelita, Dirty Rock, Punta Maria and Alcyone. By observing these schools, we have noticed that right now, more than any other time of the year, there are very good numbers of healthy adult male hammerheads. -Cruise Director Pius
Dive Conditions
Visibility   60 ft / 18 m
Water Temp.   75°F / 24°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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