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The highlight this week was the big schools of hammerheads, especially at Dirty Rock, Alcyone and Manuelita Channel. We dove with a school of at least 300 hammerheads and we captured a stunning video clip that is a Must See (below). After the brilliant schools of hammerheads the next best experience was snorkeling with orcas near Submerged Rock. They passed so fast and close that it left us with a feeling beyond words. Punta Maria keeps getting better and better, as we had very good luck with the Galapagos sharks. There were moments we counted between 5 and 12 of them together in the cleaning station as well as 6 blacktip sharks randomly swimming through.

Manuelita gave us one of the most memorable dives of the trip/year/lifetime, as mid dive a tiger shark crossed in front of us, then a whale shark accompanied us during the safety stop, and finally we saw a HUGE schools of hammerhead sharks!

There were also big groups of marbled rays trying to mate at Manuelita (two different groups), Submerged Rock, and Alcyone. The swim through at Submerged Rock was so loaded with fish that it seemed like it just disappeared. There were yellow tail snapper, Jordan's snapper, black jacks and few marbled rays passing through.

Without question the icing on the cake was the orcas, they are such beautiful and unique creatures, we felt truly blessed that they passed so close to our boat. Overall, it was an excellent trip...returning back to the mainland was tough, as we all wanted to stay at the Island. But, as always, a great week of diving came to an end. The sun shined brightly as we concluded our adventure with a calm crossing and a beautiful sunset. - Dive Officer Edwar Herreño, Cruise Director Federico Pochet, and Dive Guide JP

Dive Conditions
Visibility   45 ft / 14 m
Water Temp.   74°F / 23°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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