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This week we were joined by a group from Hong Kong and the USA. We departed from Puntarenas for what would be a very exciting trip!! It didn't take long before we realized the amount of energy and life that was going on underwater. During the firsts dives to Manuelita, we saw lots of hammerheads around the cleaning stations, which were very active. In one of the dives to Manuelita Outside we even saw 6 different species of sharks: white tips, Galapagos, hammerheads, silky, tiger and a whale shark!!

The third day we explored the west side of the island, where the current was very strong. We think the strong currents at Punta Maria played a role in the decrease in the usually high numbers of Galapagos sharks. The currents didn't appear to effect the hammerheads at Dirty Rock one bit, the site was packed with sharks! There were also turtle, countless reef fish, and even a whale shark.

The fourth day we went to the east side of Cocos Island. To everyone's surprise Alcyone was relatively quiet, and we just enjoyed the fact that all the other sites were very active. A good example of this was taking place at one of Alcyone's closest neighbors...Submerged Rock. It was here that the group swam with a whale shark for 20 minutes.

The south of the island, where Big and Small Dos Amigos are, was also getting hit with strong currents and swell, but braved the currents and saw several hammerheads and numerous reef fish.

As we covered all the dive sites in the beginning of the week, we decided to return to our favorites near the end of the week, and by then, the currents had shifted and reduced drastically. At Punta Maria, the Gold team was surrounded by a massive school of yellowfin tuna that had been seen in slightly smaller numbers in other sites. We were also joined by a couple of silkys that were mating. They got so close to the divers that we had to keep moving away to let them swim through all of us! At the same site, the Blue team had and unforgettable encounter with a 35ft whale shark! At Dirty Rock the whale sharks and giant mantas were patrolling the reef, delighting of all the divers :)

The trip couldn't had ended on a higher note. During the lasts dives to Manuelita we saw a big number of hammerheads and the spectacular and majestic tiger shark! The crossing back to the mainland was filled with smiling happy divers and a beautiful sunny crossing.

Dive Conditions
Visibility   50 ft / 15 m
Water Temp.   78°F / 26°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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