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Life around Cocos Island is alive, abundant and thriving! What an amazing trip! Our group was from all over the world and their excitement and positive energy made this a very memorable and fun trip. This was one of the most action packed weeks of diving we've had this year.

It's no wonder this island is one of the best diving spots on the entire planet. Our first dive to Chatham Bay was packed with action... a frenzy beneath the surface, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, schools of tunas, rainbow runners and dolphins were swimming back and forth going after a bait ball, there was so much going on that we didn't know where to look!

The following dives at Manuelita were also extremely good, the cleaning stations were more active than we've seen for a few years. On the west side of the island, Punta Maria was a bit quiet and even though we had good Galapagos shark sightings, this site didn't quite stack up in comparison to the others.

Even our night dives were over the top good! While we were watching the whitetips hunting at Manuelita Coral Garden a Galapagos shark paid us a visit. Meanwhile, at Dirty Rock, every dive there was better than the one before! Both the Yellow and the Blue team had memorable encounters with huge schools of hammerheads, blacktips, silkies, eagle rays, and one of the most magic encounters that a diver can have: whale sharks!

Between the dramatic shark encounters, we were joined by giant schools of bigeye trevally and black tunas. The third day we visited the east side of Cocos, where Alcyone is located. We encountered schools of hammerheads (enjoying the strong currents) in the hundreds and we watched in awe as they passed above our heads. Once more, whale sharks (small juvenile and big female) appeared as well, making all the divers extremely happy

The fourth day we dove the south of the island but the conditions weren't the best due to the strong surge. The subsequent days we focused in the best sites that we had had during the trip: Dirty Rock, Manuelita and Alcyone, where we had amazing dives with mantas, massive schools of hammerheads and several more whale shark encounters (definitely the superstars of the trip).

On a couple of occasions two different whale sharks were chilling right next to Argo and we even had the chance to snorkel with them. On the way back, the boat was packed with happy divers counting down the months till they could return for another trip to the most breathtaking island in the world.

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Dive Conditions
Visibility   70 ft / 21 m
Water Temp.   78°F / 26°C
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