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© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz

© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
© copyright by Carlos de la Cruz
The hotspot of the trip was Manuelita Coral Garden (where our cruise director reported “hammerheads everywhere!”) and Dirty Rock. At Dirty Rock we saw the biggest schools off jacks, at times 150-200+ hammerheads out in the blue. There was also some solid cleaning station action there, and of course the epic school of jacks!

Now for the rest of the trip highlights:
This week we hosted a diverse group of divers from Germany, Belgium, Korea, France, Canada and the USA. Our check out dive at Chatham Bay was filled with whitetip reef shaks. Later, at Manuelita Coral Garde, we saw 20+ hammerheads leaving the channel as well as jacks buzzing between them.

The Coral Garden was a magnet for hammerheads! At one point a male tiger shark came in close to our group near the sandy bottom, followed by a pair of silky sharks. Later, a female tiger shark with a pair of remoras attached to her mouth also made a pass. Then in the Channel we saw mobulas and eagle rays.

We had some wonderful dives this trip at Manuelita Outside, with hammerhead sand yellowfin tuna. We we thrilled to encounter a baitball, replete with dozens of silky sharks and intense feeding action!

At Punta Maria we saw some Galapagos sharks at the cleaning station as well as hammerheads getting cleaned at the pinnacle. We also saw a huge 4.5 tiger shark there, and a massive silvertip shark that came in incredibly close! (Take a look at the trip report video.) Later on in the week, Punta Maria proved to be a great place to see whitetips and lots of fish, as well as a tiger shark out in the blue.

On afternoon dives at Pajara, we enjoyed all of the macro life that Cocos Island has to offer -- including two mantis shrimp. At Ulloa we were able to find two endemic Cocos rosy-lipped batfish, as well as some hammerheads when we started to drift. There was some strong current, but it was a great dive! Submerged Rock showed us some whitetips hunting, and Lobster Rock gave us another tiger shark sighting.

We finished up the week at Dirty Rock, where the current was reverseed and there were countless jacks at the back end of the rock. Hammerheads kept coming and coming and coming in to be cleaned...and when we drifted away from the rock into the blue, we encountered a wall of 200+ of them! What a way to end the trip!

Dive Conditions
Visibility   75 ft / 23 m
Water Temp.   80°F / 27°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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