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© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
“Diving this week was incredible! We saw schools of hammerheads in the blue at Dirty Rock. At Dos Amigos Pequeno we had good Galapagos action, and not to forget an EPIC close pass from a 3-4 meter tiger shark in the blue. We also had a very good swim-by from 2 sailfish, opening and closing their sails in the blue at Dos Amigos Grande! Overall amazing diving during this trip!” -- Sergio, Undersea Hunter dive guide
Now for the rest of the trip highlights
This trip, half of our group were diving with rebreathers, while the other half were diving with traditional scuba tanks. Right off the bat on our check out dive at Manuelita Coral Garden we found ourselves among hammerhead sharks and huge schools of fish!

Each dive this trip was special in its own way, and we enjoyed the rich biodiversity that Cocos Island has to offer -- from sharks to big schools of jacks and snapper, to frogfish and tunas. Tiger sharks, eagle rays, Galapagos sharks, mobula rays and sailfish were just a few of the many different species we observed throughout the week.

Dirty Rock was one of the star dive sites this trip, where we saw so many jacks, hammerheads, dolphins and a huge mobula ray trying to rid itself of remoras. Out in the blue we saw schools of hammerheads ranging in the 50s and above. Alcyone had some good cleaning station action, and out in the blue we saw Galapagos sharks. Manuelita Outside was also a great place for hammerhead cleaning station action, and we saw a big tiger shark at the surface looking for fallen booby birds. One of our favorite dives took place at Small Dos Amigos, where we saw many hammerheads coming into be cleaned as well as two Galapagos sharks that kept circling the area.

Cocos Island gave us an unforgettable send-off for our last dive at Dirty Rock, where we wrapped up the dive with school of hammerheads glued to the rock followed by an unforgettable WALL of hammerheads out in the blue!!

Dive Conditions
Visibility   66 ft / 20 m
Water Temp.   81°F / 27°C
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