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© copyright by Avi Klapfer

© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
What a phenomenal week of diving this trip aboard the Sea Hunter, with a wonderful group led by Berkley White of Backscatter! We saw mating whitetip reef sharks, mantas, rosy-lipped batfish, Galapagos sharks, lots of hammerheads and whale sharks! Plus enormous schools of jacks and more.
Now for the rest of the trip highlights:
Diving was spectacular this trip from start to finish, and on our first day we had a dive where we saw 5 different shark species on a single immersion. Highlights in Manuelita Channel included frogfish, tiger sharks and 7-8m long whale sharks. Hammerheads were constantly streaming into the cleaning stations around Manuelita Island.

At Dirty Rock we saw schooling hammerheads and MASSIVE schools of bigeye jacks. At the end of one afternoon dive at Viking Rock, we completed the dive with a curious male tiger shark that made a couple of close passes near the surface.

Undersea Hunter’s Avi Klapfer was on board this voyage! While everyone was looking out into the blue for big pelagic creatures, Avi had his eye trained on the rocks looking for the small stuff. The “hidden world” of Cocos Island is a rich micro universe of small organisms, perfect for macro photography.

On one of our favorite dives at Alcyone, we didn’t see any hammerheads -- but we were able to watch a pair of whitetip reef sharks mid-copulation!! What a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It truly felt like being in the middle of a National Geographic special. To finish up the dive we ran into an unbelievably immense school of jacks and spent about 15 minutes with them.

Along the Coral Garden we saw some small schools of hammerheads. A giant manta ray made an appearance on an afternoon dive at Lobster Rock, where we also saw two Cocos rosy-lipped batfish at about 30m.

We wrapped up the week with another whale shark sighting at Dirty Rock, and a trip to the ranger station to check out the terrestrial flora and fauna (as well as the bridge over Rio Genio, made of recycled materials). We made the crossing back to Puntarenas with a boat full of happy photographers!

© copyright by Avi Klapfer

Dive Conditions
Visibility   85 ft / 26 m
Water Temp.   80°F / 27°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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