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We saw lots of hammerheads out in the blue this week, including BIG schools of hammerheads of about 100+ strong in Dirty Rock and Manuelita Outside. We also had lots of tiger shark sightings all around the island, as well as many Galapagos sharks in Punta Maria and Small Dos Amigos.
Trip highlights:
The cleaning station at Punta Maria was active, with lots of Galapagos sharks coming around to get cleaned. We saw at least 4 Galapagos sharks at a time, and 2 silvertips.

Dirty Rock featured lots of hammerheads at the blue!!! We saw a big school of over 100+ out in the blue, and later in the week our dive guides reported a school as big as 250-300+ individuals! On this dive, a huge school of jacks stuck to the rock limiting the cleaning station action, but we were able to find the massive school of hammerheads out in the blue -- which was simply the best.

Dos Amigos Grande gave us a juvenile tiger shark sighting, as well as 2 adults (one male and one female) and an 8-meter whale shark! Dos amigos pequeno had 2 blacktips and at least 6 Galapagos sharks making close passes, plus a huge school of at least 150+ hammerheads out in the blue.

Manuelita Outside also showed us some phenomenal hammerhead action out in the blue, as well as hammerheads streaming into the cleaning stations one by one. A tiger shark about 4m long made a closs pass at the second cleaning station. On one dive we saw a whale shark here, as well as a couple of dolphins. In Manuelita Channel, we observed a frogfish as well as a green turtle eating a sea cucumber.

On one of our favorite afternoon dives at Pajara, we encountered 1 silvertip, a handful of hammerheads, and black durgeon fish mating. There were lots of whitetip reef sharks buzzing around at Submerged Rock.

All in all, another wonderful dive trip to Cocos Island!

Dive Conditions
Visibility   64 ft / 20 m
Water Temp.   82°F / 28°C
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