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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
“I loved watching the schooling hammerheads in Alcyone overhead and spotting a six meter long oceanic manta ray on that dive was the cherry on top.”
Now for the rest of the trip highlights:
It always starts with that view of the Island from our spot in Chatham Bay and with the Manuelita Islet in site our excitement level was high. Manuelita delivered some of the best dives on this trip, as it usually does. The tiger shark action on this trip at Manuelita Outside was as good as it gets, at one point three massive female tiger sharks passed just a divers length in front of us taking their time. Waiting just off the rocks out in the blue off from Manuelita, as is often found, was a massive wall of big-eye jacks heaving with the flow of it all. This massive schools of jack never cease to inspire awe and we encountered tremendous schools on many of the dives. Venturing closer to the Island at the dive site Manuelita Coral Garden, a site that can deliver surprises, we were treated to many hammerhead sharks in the shallows and a very big tiger shark, making it a very good dive. Out at the dive site at Dos Amigos we saw some hammerhead sharks but were especially happy to be visited by a group of four Galapagos sharks. Dirty Rock was worth the trip out, there with massive schools of big-eye jack and good numbers of hammerhead sharks, easily over a hundred, but the current was tough, maybe one of the strongest this year. Cocos diving can be challenging but the payoff is big. Some of the divers really loved there time out at Submerged Rock, it’s easy to understand why, the life in the cave there was overflowing, like an underwater aquarium. We spotted something like 15 marbled rays together on the rocks in courtship. Just spectacular. Finally, Alcyone delivered that extreme hammerhead shark action that Cocos Island is known for with hundreds and hundreds of hammerheads soaring by overhead. To top it off we were treated to visits by two manta rays and 6 mobula rays out in the blue as we ascended.
It’s the little things out at Cocos that add to the amazing dives, like being escorted back to the Sea Hunter after a dive by a pod of playful dolphins weaving around our panga. Just pure fun. It was another exciting trip to Cocos Island, we headed back to land happy and all of us looking forward to the next time at this ecological wonder.

Dive Conditions
Visibility   55 ft / 17 m
Water Temp.   81°F / 27°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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