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© copyright by Shmulik Blum

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© copyright by Shmulik Blum
We had divers from Lithuania, Fiji and Germany aboard the Sea Hunter this week -- which was our second-to-last trip of 2019 for the Sea Hunter at Cocos Island!

On our first at the island, we saw a tiger shark in Manuelita Channel along with a pair of eagle rays and a pair of frogfish. An enormous school of jacks was the highlight at Dirty Rock -- topped off by a seahorse that one of our guests spotted hiding in the orange coral.

A Submerged Rock we saw hammerheads and Galapagos sharks outside the swim through, and copious amounts of wildlife inside!! We encountered schools of mackerel and blue-and-gold snappers galorge. At Big Dos Amigos we found an octopus and some hammerheads in the sand. Macro life was the best at Pajara, where we saw a sea horse resting on the coral on several dives.

Small Dos Amigos was the star dive site this week in terms of Galapagos shark activity, as well as hammerheads coming into the cleaning station. On one of our favorite dives there we saw over 8 Galapagos sharks at once plus some blacktips.

Manuelita Channel took the cake for tiger shark sightings, and it was common to see more than 3 different specimens on a single dive. At one point, we saw 3 separate tigers just between the first cleaning station and the corner where we enter the channel.

Last but not least, on one of our favorite dives at Manuelita Coral Garden we saw a curious manta ray and also a mobula ray checking us out several times.

© copyright by Shmulik Blum

Dive Conditions
Visibility   77 ft / 23 m
Water Temp.   82°F / 28°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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