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© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo

© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Dirty Rock was the indisputable hotspot, yet again! On almost all of our dives at Dirty Rock this week we managed to see huge schools of 100+ hammerheads out in the blue. Not only that, but we also saw a whale shark!! It was just amazing.
Now for the rest of the trip highlights:
We saw dolphins on the crossing to Cocos Island, which is always a good omen!

Our first day at cocos we started out with a relaxing checkout dive, followed by a trip to Manuelita Outside with great visibility and some hammerheads coming in super close! Later, at Manuelita Channel the thermocline was at about 70ft and we saw a frogfish, and eagle ray and hammerhead sharks. Punta Maria was full of whitetips at the pinnacle, and lots of fish life.

Dirty Rock was phenomenal all week long. On our first dive there, a huge school of hammerheads came right to the cleaning station, and then we saw the same school later out in the blue!

There were also a lot of hammerheads at Manuelita Outside this trip, and of course plenty of tiger shark sightings. At the end of one dive there we found ourselves beside an action-packed baitball with dolphins and a lot of silky sharks!

For afternoon dives, Pajara stood apart. On one dive there, we expected another slow-paced macro dive as we calmly observed a pair of mantis shrimp…but then we were thrilled when a huge tiger shark made an appearance, followed by a bait ball! Just when you think you know what to expect at Cocos, the island throws a curveball.

The weather was lovely, and it only rained 2 out of our 7 days at Cocos Island. Overall, visibility was spectacular -- often reaching over 100ft.

© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo

Dive Conditions
Visibility   100 ft / 30 m
Water Temp.   82°F / 28°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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