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© copyright by Ladonna Ann

© copyright by Ladonna Ann
© copyright by Ladonna Ann
Toward the end of our checkout dive, the island gave us a big dose of Cocos magic... a whale shark encounter!! The shark was absolutely massive -- our dive guide Stefan estimated it to be about 40ft/12m. The next day we saw another whale shark at the end of our dive at Dirty Rock, and then saw the same one AGAIN on our third dive!!! It almost felt as if we’d made a friend, and she were following us around.
Now for the rest of the trip highlights:

We departed from Puntarenas with a group of 17 divers from USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand, China, Brasil, Thailand & Costa Rica. All week long we had moderately cloudy weather with an occasional dose of rain, which is typical for this time of year. Fortunately we had several nice and sunny mornings, perfect weather for flying a drone (made even easier thanks to our custom-made takeoff and landing pad).

Hammerhead activity was consistent at Manuelita Coral Garden, with intensive cleaning station action and close encounters. Out in the blue at Dirty Rock, we saw schools of 70+ individuals. Galapagos sharks favored the dive sites around Manuelita Island this trip, as well as at Alcyone (where we also saw some silky sharks).

Submerged Rock teemed with life, and at the safety stop we had 5 dolphins including a baby make an appearance. On afternoon dives we enjoyed some of the other diverse life Cocos has to offer, including mantis shrimp and triggerfish mating. At the arch at Big Dos Amigos we saw a big manta ray at the end of the dive.

Of course some of the biggest highlights (both literally and physically!) for everyone on board were the whale shark sightings. As an added plus, the young female whaleshark we encountered swimming in the bay was pregnant!

© copyright by Ladonna Ann

Dive Conditions
Visibility   55 ft / 17 m
Water Temp.   80°F / 27°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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