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© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez

© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
© copyright by Carlos Felipe Chacon Rodriguez
"I had one of the best dives of my life in Alcyone!!" Hundreds of hammerheads, tuna and even a dolphin...Dive masters are incredibly professional. Everyone worked hard to make this trip an amazing experience." -- Mariano Castro
Now for the rest of the trip highlights:
We’re just back from another phenomenal trip to Cocos Island! This time we had half the boat full of researchers from the Turtle Island Restoration Network, led by Todd Steiner, and the other half a fun-loving group of divers that came all the way from Ukraine.

There were bountiful hammerheads around Manuelita Island, as well as tiger sharks and frogfish! Dirty Rock was hot all week, and it delivered fantastic cleaning station action as well as big schools of hammerheads out in the blue. Punta Maria gave us close encounters with large schools fo jacks and whitetip reef sharks. Afternoon dives at Pajara were some of the guess’ favorites due to the sheer biodiversity we saw there! There were mantis shrimp, octopus, various types of eels and countless other species.

We had a massive school of hammerheads come right to us at the sandy bottom at Manuelita, and 2 tiger sharks, topped off by an enormous school of jacks at the safety stop. Alcyone was also wonderful, with solid cleaning station action at the rock and schools of 40 or so individuals out in the blue.

The arch at Big Dos Amigos was picture-perfect -- full of fish and marble rays. Manuelita Coral Garden had amazing visibility, some hammerheads and a lot of macro life. We had 5 mobula rays hanging out facing the current in the channel, and 3 tiger sharks coming in close. Some of the best dives were at Dirty Rock on the 5th day, when we had at least 40 hammerheads streaming into the cleaning station as well as some out in the blue.

Day 6 was packed with unforgettable dives! At Alcyone, we had huge schools of hammerheads circling us in the blue, dolphins and yellowfin tuna hunting. Then a big manta ray, tiger sharks and hammerheads at Manuelita and later at Dirty Rock we saw Galapagos sharks, hammerheads and silkies!

All in all it was a fantastic trip for the researchers, who collected valuable data and marked hammerheads with acoustic tags to better track their movements for conservation. Wishing everyone happy holidays from the Undersea Hunter team!

Dive Conditions
Visibility   72 ft / 22 m
Water Temp.   82°F / 28°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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