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© copyright by Andre Biedermann

© copyright by Andre Biedermann
© copyright by Rafael Mosquera
© copyright by Andre Biedermann
© copyright by Andre Biedermann
“We had the opportunity to see hammerhead sharks on nearly every dive, plenty of galapagos sharks, tigers, mantas, rays - the list is endless - and it was so lovely to see dive sites full of life, big and small. The dive masters are excellent (Diego and Brayan looked after our group) - they know their sites well, always ensure everyone is well-briefed and prioritised safety.”-- Phoebe, Argo guest
Now for the trip highlights:
There’s no way to sugar coat it – the crossing to the island this expedition was unusually choppy, and an adventure in and of itself! After a lot of wind, rain, waves and dramamine, we all made it safe and sound and were rewarded with a week of phenomenal Cocos Island magic.

The sun was shining when we arrived, with crystal clear waters and absolutely perfect diving conditions. Our first day at Chatham Bay and Manuelita we saw hammerheads, mobula rays and a tiger shark. Manuelita Coral Garden was full of fish, and delightfully colorful.

We watched streams upon streams of hammerheads coming in close to use the cleaning stations at Dirty Rock, plus the massive school of jacks at the pinnacle and schools of hammers out in the blue. Silky sharks and wahoos came to keep us company at our safety stops.

At Alcyone we saw Galapagos sharks, blacktips, a big tiger shark and a curious giant Pacific manta ray. At times the current was strong. Other highlights included yellowfin tuna, octopuses, and schools 80+ hammerheads.

Overall, Manuelita was the place to see tiger sharks. On one of our safety stops we had 3 tigers at once. There was a lot of fish life at Submerged Rock, as well as marble rays. Small Dos Amigos had a strong well, and we had encounters with hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, silkies and even a silvertip there. The highlight at Big Dos Amigos was the tiger shark we saw swimming near the massive arch!

Our afternoon dives at Viking Rock and Pajara were colorful and just fabulous. They were largely focused on macro life (like Cocos blennies, mantis shrimp and eels) with some bigger creatures mixed in (think Galapagos sharks and dolphins).

Dive Conditions
Visibility   65 ft / 20 m
Water Temp.   80°F / 27°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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